Stupid Essex mod question

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  1. Just curious about something. I recently acquired another set of active EMG-J's and am wanting to put them in my Essex Jazz. Only thing is, I don't know how to pull the tone and volume knobs off the Essex.

    How is it done?
  2. Pull the volume/tone knob off and then use a spanner to undo the nut holding the pot to the pickguard.

  3. if the knobs have set screws (I doubt essex's do)...then undo the set screws then pull...

    otherwise...just pulll...PULL HARD!
  4. I misread your original post and thought you were asking how to remove the pot!

    With the knobs, as Pilbarabass said... If they don't budge, get some cardboard and a fork! Use the cardboard to protect your pickguard and a fork as a lever. If the fork bends before the knob gives way, carefully use a screwdriver and wedge it between the base of the knob and the nut for the pot. A light bit of leverage will move it easily!

  5. for knobs that won't come off easily, I use a combination visegrips, a sledge hammer and a T-bone steak.
  6. :p

    Thanks, all!
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    Nov 10, 2003
    Note: the knobs on my Essex P-bass '62 have "flat-head" set screws. Also, I found them to be a very tight fit on the EMG 35DC pots. In fact, they were so tight I couldn't install them on the EMG pots! Too bad, because I thought the knobs were really nice (heavy, chromed, gripped).