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Stupid ideas that I randomly have...

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Desirsar, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Desirsar


    Mar 1, 2013
    Please make fun of the thought of commercial success in the present day of a seven piece band (two guitars, bass, drums, separate percussionist, keyboard, and singer) that played 60's style pop rock originals in a world where Geddy Lee and Dave Mustaine and Kurt Cobain have already happened...

    At the very least, it would be fun to try. I doubt I could put it together even with Craigslist, so I have to try posting it here to get it out of my head.
  2. topo morto

    topo morto

    Mar 22, 2010
    Everything has already happened. Just add even more sex to the original 60s vibe and you'll be fine.
  3. avvie


    Oct 12, 2010
    Maui, HI
    Is this an Allman Brothers cover band?....or a Santana cover band?
  4. Desirsar


    Mar 1, 2013
    Erm, no. While I can play a handful of songs by either of them...

    Pop rock. I got the idea listening to The Monkees, but there are other bands rattling around in my head for this as well. My dad's 5000 45s and 1000 LPs in the basement when I was a kid make me think of a lot of impossible hybrid genres... and then my sister managed coffee shops for probably 20 years and made me 80s indie mix tapes...

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