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  1. After years and years of wanting to get an Ipod I finally got one. Not ot bad. Its an Ipod classic with 80gigs of memory. Well I got it to show up on the device list, then something went wrong. I was asked to update the files for the ipod. I did that. Then it ask for me to restore the ipod becasue there was a problem. I did that. Now nothing works. and everytime i connect the ipod, it asks for me to restore it. Bah this just figures. Any help would be great.
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    Hold play and the center button. It should reset it
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    This oughtta fix it:


  4. wow that was quick. Oh this model I have to move the hold button back and forth. Then hold the center button and menu button till the apple shows up. Ive done that I dont know how many times. And all it says is use itunes to restart ipod
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  7. ha ha seriously id like to get this thing working, so if anyone could help that would be great
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    If the iPod page shows up on iTunes after connecting (this could take a couple minutes) try updating and/or running the diagnostics. My (60 gig) would freeze up when paused once in a while when I first got it (about 2 year ago). I did both of these things and haven't had a problem since.
  9. my comuter will find it, itunes will more or less freeze, then it will say that it needs to reconfigure the ipod, and relaod software
  10. nevermind. my comps a piece of junk. Used a friends. REstored the ipod. works great now. go figure
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    oh ****, it works now... meh
  13. well thanks for the support link, tried that earlier, and the 24 hour support. And all it was my comp acting up. I have it synced to my comp right now, no immediate problems. I downloaded a bunch of songs from my friends computer. But they wont let me sync my ipod unless i dump those songs. Stupid apple rules and such. But i found a away around that.
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    Sounds like there was something fooked up with the iTunes. If it causes problems again, try re-installing the software.