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Stupid question about Spector setup

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Highpines, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Hello...The weather here in Phoenix is warming up fast and noticed the action on my Spector Performer is getting to high for my playing style. My problem is I don't remember if tightening the allen on the headstock raises or lowers the strings on the neck? My thinking is tightening the neck will lower the strings to the neck, is this true? Also, any spector users know the size of the allen wrench needed? (metric or standard ?) Thanx for any help.......
  2. Greg R

    Greg R

    Mar 11, 2003
    Avonmore, ON
    My Spector is pretty sensitive to temperature changes too. Living here in the Great White North it sees extremes several times per year. If you were happy with the action before I wouldn't bother fiddling with saddles until after you deal with neck and only if there are intonation issues afterwards.

    You probably just need a minor neck tweak as you mention. Sight down the neck with the headstock pointing towards the floor. Look down the side where you see position markers and the fret ends. The neck is probably curved, a bit higher at the nut and where it joins the body? I'm not sure what size of allen key you need, I just keep one in my guitar case but I do recall it being smaller than the one for my other basses. Give it a good turn or turn and a half clockwise and you should be all set. I'm not familiar with the Performer, but mine is a pain because I have to loosen the D string to get at the truss rod cover and stick the wrench in there. I like to adjust the truss rod with the bass in tune, i.e., with the neck under usual stress load.
  3. Thanx Greg....No, I don't want to mess with the Saddle, I did though adjust the truss with a bout a half turn clockwise and am taking my time to allow the bass to adjust and it's getting better as I go. It's hard to turn but like you I want to adjust while the Spector is tuned. I am assuming that the saddle or bridge is for adjusting for the pick-up's or for the curvature of the neck? Yes?.....When I first got this Spector the action was as good as my Strat....Amaizing huh? Tanx for your time..........
  4. Please do not tighten your truss without loosening the string tension first. You can seriously damage the truss rod. I realize that you probably want to see the immediate results by keeping the bass in tune while you adjust, but loosening, adjusting, then retuning only takes a few minutes.

    Quote from Spector manual:
    "Caution: There are very extreme forces involved in basses and bass strings. BE SURE TO LOOSEN STRINGS before attempting to tighten the truss rod!"

    This applies to all instruments.

    Loosen those strings. Make a small mark on the truss nut for orientation. Tighten it a bit.. Bring the strings up to the tune you intend to play at. Check the relief at about the 8th fret.
    Download the Spector manual from here


  5. Thank you.......I did stop adjusting untile I got more information. As usual TB'ers came thru.........
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