Stupid qustion but.....

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  1. hetsscaryguy


    May 22, 2004
    How do you bi-amp? I know everyone know thinks im an idiot for no knowing this, but i am very curious as to how to do this.
  2. A lot like a car stereo with a subwoofer system or even a stereo system with a powered woofer.

    Classic way is to spit the signal coming from the preamp into highs and lows. This is done via a X-over, usually an electronic x-over. Highs go to their amp and their cabs and the lows go to their amp and their cabs.

    Few amps I have seen actually can do this. I think some GKs and Carivins can. That is, they have two seperate power amps(with their own power supplies) and the x-over built in.

    Other than that, biamping would require an outboard amp, ideally with a crossover. Of course, a cool preamp would have that too.
  3. Not a stupid question at all.

    You need 2 seperat speakers driven by 2 seperate power amps and a crossover to split the signal into high and low.

    I have a SWR SM 900 which has a crossover and 2 power amps that can drive my 2x10 cab and 1x15 cab. I've tried it but really like the sound of a full range signal going into both cabs better.

    Do you have a manual for your GK head? Can you find one online? I think it has two power amps and a crossover, but maybe someone else here on TB can give you the specifics.
  4. Check out:

    Unfortunately I don't think you can biamp with your current set up. You would have to buy one of the GK RBH speaker cabs. It uses the main amp inside your 1001RB-II to drive the woofers and also uses the 50 watt tweeter amp inside your 1001RB-II to drive the tweeter.

    Can any GK head owners help me out on this.

    Check the manual.
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    Sep 7, 2000
    What kind of gear do you have?
  6. hetsscaryguy


    May 22, 2004
    nothing as of yet (except a crappy Trace 15w), but i hope to get a fender 300w tube amp next summer and i was thinking of biamping it with a 2x15 and 2x10 setup. But people are saying ill need 2 power amps, thats just too expensive tough because it would mean getting 2 tube power amps.
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    Some bass amps come with a built-in crossover and seperate power amps. Most stereo heads are bi-ampable. I think Peavey and Carvin make amps that'll do this, not to mention any of the stereo Eden heads.

    If you buy a mono head, just get yourself a dbx 223 crossover and send the output of the crossover to both sides of a stereo power amp (like QSC), the highs to one side and the lows to the other. I'd use a crossover frequency of about 100 hz (futz around with 80 to 200). Then run the respective outputs to the appropriate speakers. You can rack mount the components.