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  1. Here's something I put together looking to use up some of the floating parts I've had laying around for years. It began with the neck that's a NOS bound and blocked SX Jazz piece. 1½" at the nut. It's slightly flawed in that the finish has yellowed slightly at the blocked frets. It's noticeable in some lighting but not much in most. I installed threaded inserts in it and I was left waiting for something cool to put it on. Along came a fellow TB'er with one of those S-101 basses - black basswood Jazz with ivory binding - and I found my cool body. The Kahler bridge is a piece that doesn't fit on just any body and it barely did here. I filled and painted the old bridge holes before I installed the Kahler. The new, small gear tuners really fit the look. Bartolini pickups brought the system to life and now it's a decent bass with a look you just don't see.

    Asking $200 plus shipping - ConUS only- all others contact me.

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  2. The Headstock

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    Some additional information - The pickups are Bartolini 9C BJD-S3's. I got them from a TB'er sometime back. I've also lined the control cavity w/ copper foil, and installed one of the "Big Red" capacitors like early Fender's used. The bass is quiet but has lots of guts. BTW, this bass is passive.
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