Stylus Magazine's Top 50 Basslines Of All Time

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    Mar 12, 2004
    <p>This post may mark a new direction for this site. Let's see what happens....</p>

    <p>Stylus Magazine has a list online of their Top 50 Basslines Of All Time <a href="">here.</a></p>

    <p>They're revealing 10 a day and so far have posted their choices for #50-31.</p>

    <p>Here's the list so far, with selected links to the iTunes Music Store. </p>

    <p>For more details, visit the Stylus site.</p>

    <p>50. Diamond D - <i>Sally Got A One Track Mind</i><br />
    49. Liquid Liquid – <i>Cavern</i><br />
    48. The Sea and Cake - <a href=""><i>Bird and Flag</i></a><br />
    47. Black Flag - <i>Six Pack</i><br />
    46. Tom Tom Club – <a href=""><i>Genius of Love</i></a><br />
    45. John Mellencamp featuring Me’Shell Ndegéocello - <a href=""><i>Wild Night</i></a> <br />
    44. Squarepusher - <i>Iambic 5 Poetry</i><br />
    43. Bill Withers – <a href=""><i>Lovely Day</i></a><br />
    42. Primus – <i>Jerry was a Racecar Driver</i><br />
    41. Smith & Mighty - <i>Bass is Maternal</i><br />
    40. Pigbag – <i>Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag</i><br />
    39. Red Hot Chili Peppers - <a href=""><i>Give It Away</i></a><br />
    38. Stevie Wonder - <a href=""><i>Boogie On Reggae Woman</i></a><br />
    37. Alice in Chains – <a href=""><i>Would?</i></a><br />
    36. Tenor Saw - <a href=""><i>Ring the Alarm</i></a><br />
    35. Can – <i>Mother Sky</i><br />
    34. Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – <a href=""><i>Express Yourself</i></a><br />
    33. The Damned – <a href=""><i>Neat Neat Neat</i></a><br />
    32. Bob Marley & the Wailers - <a href=""><i>Small Axe</i></a><br />
    31. Happy Mondays - <a href=""><i>Hallelujah</i></a></p>

    <p>What do you think of the list so far? What are your favorite basslines? Who is missing from this list?</p>
  2. Peg.......Steely Dan (Chuck Rainey is THE master).
    I'll Take You There.........Staple Singers
    For the Love of Money........O'Jays
    Havona.........Weather Report
    Teen Town......Weather Report
  4. For that matter, ANY Steely Dan bassline -
  5. funkmuffin


    Aug 18, 2004
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    "Top 50 Basslines of All Time"

    ummm, unnhh.....

    OK, so Flea got a mention. They got "Money" right.

    I'm confused, apparently, I have been listening to all the wrong music these last 30 years....

    Let's see....

    Peg -- Steely Dan
    Squib Cakes, What is Hip?, You got to Funkifize (and probably 18 others) -- Tower of Power
    Aeroplane -- RHCP
    Roundabout, Does it Really Happen?, Into the Lens -- Yes
    Midnight Train to Georgia -- Gladys and the Pips
    Son of a Preacher Man -- Dusty Springfield
    Brick House -- Commodores
    These Apples -- Barenaked Ladies
    Shining Star, Mighty Mighty -- Earth Wind and Fire
    School Days -- Stanley Clarke
    Lenny -- Stevie Ray

    .......... All missing form the supposed list of the Top 50 of All Time.