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    Dec 21, 2011
    Well I got lucky on these 2. Picked up the mint green one used for 180. Got the white one for 150 from Music Go Round. Been trying these out on and off for a few yrs and decided to take the plunge. Devout Spector guy with a NS2A and a NS200 4. But I have to say kinda leaning on these two guys at the moment. Both can get that Spector growl but have that unique something extra in the deep tone department.

    For my tone and how I play these just seem to work .

    The mint or surf green one was purchased from a kid locally who played bass but couldnt get into the color. Bonus for me always wanted a surf green type colored bass so at 180 it was a no brainer. Added the white jazz knobs and covers the pickup in white. Can beat surf green and maple neck. Neck is a little wider than i like but im gonna have it shaved down some. And im replacing the metallic tone cover with a pale moon ebony cover to cut some weight. This guy is a lil on the heavy side. But plays smooth and unike a lot of people i kinda like the hot growly electronics on board. And actually I got a bunch of compliments on the tone of this one.

    The white one was in a Columbus Ohio Music Go Round and was the one I intended to buy first to try. They had it originally for 179 but their was an issue with the Seymour Duncan pre so they told me they would call me when it was fixed. Well it ended up on their site for 143. I couldnt figure out why. What I didnt know at the time was the previous owner had painted the headstock all white and shaved the neck down. Serious bonus for me as it is smooth small and fast as hell. The guys at MGR in Natick Ma arranged with that store to ship out the bass to me sight unseen and no money down over the phone. How many stores would do that. Special Thanks for Vic and Dave for for going the extra mile when they did not have to. Well it came in played it and bought it. SD music man pp and preamp shaved neck for 143. Definately a steal on my end. Also it is extremely light and comfortable to play. This guy is a little smoother but ive just about dialed in the tone of the green one.

    All i all very happy with the twins gonna mod the white one with a cool white green and creme pickgaurd. But ill be playing these guys for a while as the tone nails exactly what i want. Time to sell the Srx 500 and my NS2000 spector perhaps lol.

    I originally was gonna swap out and sell the pickup and preamp in the white and just drop in a gfs mm pup but ive since decided that since it was so cheap its just a no brainer to leave it alone. Only thing i dont like is there is a little hum from the pre i the white one when the tone is cranked or i use a chorus but ill just shield the cavity and check the wiring again. That and the weight of the green one are the only two criticisms I have.
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