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Sub 400 euro 4 string P bass (and only P)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dnp41, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. dnp41


    May 10, 2016
    Hi Guys,

    I'm currently a one bass guy and I would like to get another one so I can string one with flats and one with rounds. Current bass is a 2015 MiM P.

    I'm looking for another P bass, with just a P pickup for under 400 euro's. This rules out the complete squire series as they all have a PJ setup in this price range. I really want to buy new so after a quick search at the online stores, here are my opions:

    - Vintage V4 standard or TB: 290 euro
    - Harley benton PB-20: 90 euro
    - ESP LTD B-10: 255 euro
    - Tokai APB-44: 386 euro

    The Tokai looks really good and I know they used to make very decent instruments. Does any one have a recommendation?
  2. dnp41


    May 10, 2016
    ow and I can also get a squire P only if I would take a starter pack with a rumble 15 amp.
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  3. @dnp41
    From your list I've only owned the Harley Benton PB-20. At the the I also had a Squier Affinity P bass.
    Preferred the Harley Benton if I'm honest,the poplar body felt better than the agathis the Squier had.

    Bottom line is - It's a decent P-bass. I got mine to try low F# tuning and as it needed the nut cut and bridge drilled
    out, F# string was 175 :jawdrop:, was looking for a low cost bass. PB-20 fitted both the bill and purpose.

    The F# tuning didn't work for me and I sold the bass strung BEAD. The young lad who bought it was impressed,here's
    it in action.

    I know you said P bass only, and this still counts as a P bass, but have you considered the PB-50 ?
    Personally I think it's a great bass for flats,I've one strung with Thomastiks and another with La Bella
    nylon tapes.
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  4. dnp41


    May 10, 2016
    Tnx, the 50 gets great reviews on thomann so I will also consider that one. I'm however also very interested in the tokai one, but can't find any reviews on new tokai basses..
  5. Kikegg


    Mar 3, 2011
    Madrid, Spain
    For me, this should be the my first option:

    Fender Squier Affinity P-Bass Set BSB

    or this B-Stock even cheaper:

    Fender Squier Affinity P-Bass B-Stock

    ...if the maple neck is not an issue. Fine instruments if you ask me. I've matched an alder Affinity PJ body to a JBS japanese neck and the combo is really nice. It sounds wonderful. Stock pickups are very good (to my ears)

    typo edit
  6. @dpn41

    The Thomann basses are good but at the bottom of your budget. Buying something like the Tokai would avoid the
    usual questions you'd get if buying a HB. These questions normally come from folks who've saw 1500euro Fenders
    and think you must spend 1500 euro to get a P bass :laugh:

    The German site bassic.ch has a thread with soundclips of Tokai.

    Tokai Tempel


    Is right in his thoughts on the Squier Affinity,they sound fine and are easy to obtain used. If You see one for sale near you
    definitely give it a try.

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