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  1. Are there any bassist out there that play an octave below standard, at least other than Jauqo iii-x(more than an octave below standard:eek:), and if so, has this octave below approach ever been used in a band situation with a regular bass? Just thought that would be cool and wanted to know if it was a real thing:D
  2. My standard tuning for my 6-string is F#BEADG but I have gone down to DADGCF.
    I have played with an other bass player in church once, he was pretty awful.
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    Well, not quite. But they're all tuned almost an octave down, low F, I think. The guitars are basically where a standard bass would be, and the bass is an octave below that.
  5. Yves is awesome, and he tunes lower that you JAUQO :eyebrow: you need to step up your game.

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    Don't you mean "step down"?
  8. [​IMG] Touche. [​IMG]

    So when is "The Low G# Theory" coming out?