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Sub Harmonic Syntheziser

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Rodan, Feb 6, 2002.

  1. Anybody ever use the DBX 120A or Behringer UltraBass Sub Harmonic synthesizer effects? I think Peavey also has one of these called Kosmos.

    Any information about what these do and how they sound would be greatly appreciated.

    On paper, they sounds like these effects would be a great concept, but in a live situation could it a) blow out your speakers b)sound like total crap?

    I'm thinking it would be nice to have an effect like this for playing some serious dub music.

  2. sound good for certain situations and styles (Dirk from Incubus uses one) but you better have a nice bi-amped setup with a couple 18s and a hell of a lot of power or else it will a: sound like total crap AND b: blow the hell out of your speakers.
  3. ImNotGeddyLee summed it up quite well.
  4. Guys, thanks for the info. Since I don't have a biamped rig at the moment, I guess this might not work.

    Anybody ever used it in a non-biamped rig? Anybody?
  5. the problem is that if use it in a nonbiamped rig that has 10s or anything smaller in it then the extreme lows from the subharmonic synth are going to still rip right through those speakers. If you just have an 18s or maybe a 15 then your fine. If you have just 10s then your screwed. If you have an 18(or 15) with 10s(or 12s or 8s or whatever) then it needs to be bi or tri amped to so the lows are directed to the bigger speakers as to not cause any damage.
    you got to figure that speakers like 10s dont even truly produce the lower notes on your bass, merely harmonics of those notes. If you play a B on a five string on 10s your probably not hearing the actual low B your playing (some better speakers may handle lower frequencies but its rare). Also note that you are going to need great deal of power to move those frequencies... id say 600 or more but dont hold me to that. If you have the power/correct speakers and setup/and the cash then go for it but if not then its not worth all the aggrevation and mutilated speakers.
  6. I guess I shouldn't point out that a TON of 4x10 cabs go lower than a lot of 15s and 18s, huh?
  7. Well, I am a dub-specific player and use many subharmonic enhancers, including the DBX 120XP so listen when I say; It rocks. I play my entire bass signal through the box, it being polyphonic and all, and am very careful with the old speaker cones. I use a Mesa M-2000 and two Eden D212XLT's in my setup. I also use a BBE to clear up the mud because I HATE biamping. I larger situations I will run a line from the crossed over sub out from the back of the DBX, into a seperate amp and cab for better definition. If you try to make your speakers move in too many different directions they will shred. If you are playing long, slow fat notes (dub bass) then you could be ok....just exercise some extreme caution. I like to leave my DBX on all the time. It will only generate a sub-wave according to your lowest notes; high notes will do nothing, unlike an octaver. You can adjust the level of synthesis, hopefully safe guarding your speakers a bit. If you push a bunch of frequencies you can't hear, chances are your cones will eventually pop. You will also be using alot of unneccesary amp juice as well.
    A nifty dub trick that is like using the DBX (ok, somewhat); grab a DOD FX25 ($25 on Ebay) and set it so the filter doesn't open. This is what Laswell does and the results are huge....so big. This in combo with my DBX....scary.
  8. All the meat in my signal comes from subharmonic lows, I do little boosts in 33Hz to thicken up my signal. I cut high mids but rather then boosting the lowmids I bump up the bass and ultra highs for clarity. It's a great approach to eqing but I'm not fully satisfied with my tone's physical meat, so I'm thinking of getting a DBX subharmonic bass synth (or the berhinger because of the control over the dynamic punch.) I love lows with plenty of punch, presence and clarity. MadSubwoofer said it best. I think it would be more useful as a sonic tool rather then a colorful effect.
  9. [​IMG]

    I used it as an effect to begin with but it is (or at least, CAN be) a subtle effect. Used carefully it can do wonders....I was just checking out that Behringer and I'd have to say that the DBX seems a little more intuitive. "Dynamic punch" could just be a low mid boost or something. The DBX 120XP is very easy to dial up. My BBE seems to keep things fairly tight in the low end. I do use a bit of compression on the Mesa head...just in case I do something stupid; my safety net.
  10. Mad Sub,

    Mad props for the info:) You gave me lots of great ideas on how to use this tool. I'm glad someone could give me some reference as to how it could be used without bi-amping. Not a big fan of it either.

    I think I might need to try to find a way to test it out before I were to buy it, to get a feel as to how useable it could be. I don't have 18s, but I do have 2X15 cab and a 4X10.

    Funny that you should mention Laswell - that's exactly the kind of sound I am looking for.

    thanks again
  11. If you could run a line out of the DBX into another poweramp for your 2x15, it would be a crazy setup. That would just so rock. I doubt you'd find one to test drive? I'd say that the DBX 120XP is one of the finest bass orienated processors out there....just buy one; you will find a use for it eventually. Plug your stereo through it when your old and fat, y'know? That sort of box.
    The DOD FX25; Laswell in a can.
  12. thanks! I'm going to bid on it
  13. You know...that thing looks really old. I don't see that it has any 14" inputs on the back. I suppose you could just plug some sort of adapter in...maybe you should wait and find one of the newer ones?
  14. yeah, after looking at it for a few minutes, I decided I might wait til something else comes along. It does look a bit old. Thanks for the tip, though.
  15. Flabby synthetic tone? Sounds similar to when I run my Boss Octave with no direct signal. Sounds interesting...must try it out.

    I usually use my OC2 + my TC phaser for nasty low action. No EQ changes (sometimes just the contour), just roll off the tone knobs on the bass. My 4x10 has survived some pretty evil feedback I induce!
  16. I wouldn't say flabby as a word to describe this...the results are very warm and embracing. Pure subharmonic bliss w/o the tracking ahssle. I dig the classic octaver-phaser or octaver-EV filter tone big time, but it is very different. Equivelent to rolling off everything above 80hz and boosting all else...another classic dub trick.
  17. Wxp4759cb


    Nov 23, 2000
    Kansas City, MO
    I just bought a Peavey Kosmos, and the thing is amazing. It will make your bass fatter than you knew possible. I was already using a BAM, which is pretty nice to begin with.
    I will say it is pointless to use it on bad speakers though. You'll notice no difference in sound. I use mine with the 10s on my Bam and haven't had any problem. I do however run a Hi Pass filter at 15hz just incase.

    It works great for alot of styles other than dub. I am mostly a jazz, and funk player and it adds alot to my tone. Not only is the bass fatter, but I find each note more defined and clear. Its like each note has something to say. It is not muddy at all (How I set it, If you don't know what your doing it might be).

    I haven't had a chance to test it on DB yet.

    Best $249 I ever spent.
  18. I was looking at those PV boxes....you should be very careful with these sub-toys. What lows you don't hear your amp and speakers are struggeling to reproduce....you can toast yer speakers with real quick. Good idea to roll off what your drivers won't produce no matter how hard you push them. Save yourself some heart ache in the long run.
  19. Ever tried one of those stupid DOD Meatboxes? They're in that category - speaker-blowing sub with no real sound. What a dumb effect. Good thing mine was free.

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