Subdecay, Analogman, Source Audio

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  1. NO TRADES!!

    These are all great pedals, lightly gigged (church only), smoke-free. Am selling b/c I had to make room on my pedal board and the large footprint of these guys (except subdecay) means that some compromises necessarily had to be made.

    All pedals have velcro already on the bottom and the Analogman and Subdecay do not have the rubber feet. However, I have a few spare MXR feet I can enclose stuck to a piece of wax paper if you desire.

    All prices are shipping included to CONUS. International buyers, PM me for shipping costs.

    Again, not interested in trades, just cash.

    First up:

    [DEL]You know you want it - Analogman Chorus with deep switch and internal blend trim pot. Very good condition and sounds amazing. $185 shipped.[/DEL] SOLD!

    Next in line:

    Subdecay Baby Quasar. Near mint. $90 shipped. Nothing wrong with the pedal, I just prefer the tone of the Maxon that is currently rocking my pedalboard.


    [DEL]Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter (the standard, not the pro). Excellent condition, just too big for a PedalTrain Nano. This pedal is so funky you can smell it. $80 shipped seems to be the going rate on this one, so that's my price.[/DEL] SOLD!!

    Source Audio Bass Multiwave Distortion. Excellent condition. Don't really use this one even though it makes some really cool sounds. $80 shipped.

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  3. BEF sold to Bassfootballguy
  4. Analogman Chorus is sold.

    Still a couple pedals remaining. 9 days until Christmas bump!!
  5. Up top.
  6. Anybody get early Christmas money they want to spend bump!