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  1. I'd first like to start of my saying 'yes I've done a search'. In fact I've been looking at past threads for over half an hour now and it's been really helpful but I just have one query:

    Is there a drum machine that can be programmed to play triplets, sixteenth note, just on beat 1, just on beat 2 etc.. and can be programmed to time signatures like 3/4, 2/4 and 6/8???

    It can be computer based since I'm also looking into that option. Something in between $100-$200 would be perfect.

    Or should I just get a Dr Beat metronome?

    Thanks for any help
  2. Sorry about this but the download of the FruityLoops demo has just finished and it looks perfect. I think I'll buy that.

    Just thought I'd tell you all so you don't take the time to post.
  3. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    I lamented about that AFTER I bought my Boss Dr. Rhythm(many years ago).
    I was, like, what...this thing can't play compound rhythms?! No odd times?!?!

    There are tricks(again, my machine is old...I'm ASSuming the newer ones are 'better'). ;)

    My Normal Grid depicts 16 notes/beats/rests(each Beat is divided into fourths).
    To play sixteenth notes/rests on Beat_1-
    I subtract 12 of those notes/beats/rests....that leaves 4 sixteenths for Beat_1.
    Save as Pattern_1

    To add a triplet on Beat_2-
    Exit the Normal Grid.
    Enter the Triplet Grid(notes/beats are divided into thirds).
    Subtract until you have but 3 notes/beats/rests remaining.
    Save as Pattern_2

    To add, say, quarter notes on Beats 3 & 4-
    Go back to the Normal Grid.
    Subtract 8 notes/beats/rests...this leaves enough 'time' for the remaining 2 beats(in 4/4 time).
    Save as Pattern_3

    Enter Song mode(or whatever it's called)-
    Enter, in order-
    Pattern_3 know have ONE bar in 4/4.
    Too much like work, huh?

    Playing odd times can be a little less time consuming.
    If it's 7/8...
    I subract 2 notes/beats/rests from the Normal grid(leaves 14 beats/notes/rests).

    For 7/4...
    Create a pattern in 4/4...Save.
    Create a pattern in 3/4(by subtracting 4 beats/notes/rests from the Normal Grid). Save.

    Program both "bars" together to get one bar of 7/4.

    In my laziness, I once stumbled onto something-
    I was attempting to program a 2-bar Latin beat...being lazy, I only woanted to loop ONE 1/8th notes were programmed into my machines as 1/16th notes. Essentially, I doubletimed the Latin drum beat. When I played my bassline to it...I kept my line as an 1/8th note feel. This yielded something different.
    ...and I liked it.