subs in a truck

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  1. graver555


    Nov 6, 2012
    Monticello IN
    So I bought an s10 the other day and while I dont have the cash for a sound system right now I am doing some thinking. I am thinking of about 1000 rms for the whole system with half for the sub.

    Its an extended cab but I want to keep the jump seat in back A. so I can take a third person and B. because my girlfreind is a woodwind player with alot of instruments.
    I am thinking I can have about 2 2.5 ft^3 in there and still have a comfortable amount of room.

    Now I know a nice 10 or 12 inch would be about perfect for it but I always like having something different. I was thinking a sealed 15 would be sweet because I dont have a room for a ported 15 and I like the occasional techno song so I want it to be tight.
    The problem is most decent 15's are a bit more then I would want to drop on a sub.

    So what do you guys think of about 4 8's or so in a low tuned ported box. Or should I just save up for the 15?

    I would be making my own box so no worries about finding one like that.