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    Apr 6, 2001
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    Recently, my guitarist has been inquiring about getting a subwoofer, to add more "punch" to our sound. I had an idea, but I would like some educated opinions on whether it would work or not. We currently use two 1x18s and two 1x12s (they may even be 15s) with a horn as our PA speakers. The 18s are Peaveys and they are ported at the bottom. The port is a slot, approximately 2 inches high by nine or ten inches long. Would there be any benefit to reversing the speaker(s), so it fired into the enclosure rather than out of it, or leaving the speaker as is and putting a piece of plywood over the front of the enclosure, leaving the port uncovered?
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    Jun 13, 2000
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    You should get plenty of punch out of that set up. Look at the board first, get the opinion of a professional sound guy(or girl) before you altering your gear. My band uses the exact same speaker configuration for small to mid size venues wnd we have more than eneough punch. Another idea may be in your power, are you supplying enough juice to the subs as they can be power hogs.

    Just a couple of suggestions.