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Successful Gig Report!

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by bassist4dalord, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Here's some pics of a gig of mine from last night. The occaision was a senior voice recital at my school, Cornerstone University. The set list consisted of a few covers but mostly stuff written by Kelly Tabor, the senior whose recital it was. The music was mostly pop-alternative stuff, but there was definitely a potpourri: we did a Dinah Washington song, a Regina Spektor song (and most of Kelly's originals are in the same vein of Regina Spektor, although a little less abstract), we did an Aimee Mann song, and 99 Red Balloons (English version) by Nena. Varied, yes but quite enjoyable!

    For gear, I used my Squier P-Bass with D'Addario Chromes. I plugged into my Hartke VXL Bass Attack Pedal -> DI Out from that to sound board (REALLY nice JBL system with two subs, two mains and four monitors) and a line out from the VXL pedal to a Hartke Kickback 15 (monitoring purposes only.) This setup gave me a really great sound. This was only my second time using the VXL on a gig, and I'm very satisfied. It added a noticeable punch and some extra body to my sound. $45 (used) well spent!!

    Overall, the gig was a success. I had a great time. Kelly gave me a lot of creative freedom with basslines, and I fell in love with my P-Bass/Chromes all over again!


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