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Sugar Ray

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by JP Bassman, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. JP Bassman

    JP Bassman

    Jun 18, 2001
    I just saw a Cingular (sp??) commercail featuring sugar ray and asking would your parents let you hang out with these guys or something like that, and its showing pictures of the sugar ray guys being all "punk" and "rock-star"-ish or whatever. Considering sugar ray's a pop band, I don't quite get it...

    I heard back in the day they used to be a real hard, metal-type band, and Mark mcGrath has been on all those groupie porn videos and stuff - dont ask me how i know ;) - but still, sugar ray is just about as pop-rock as it gets nowadays. If the old stuff is true, talk about selling out!!

    They seem like really cool guys, but I'm still disappointed in them.
    What are all of your thoughts on the band?
  2. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    I think they are good at writing pop songs. They have a few tunes I dig, but not enough to make me want to buy one of their albums.
  3. I saw something on TV where Mark McGrath was being a really big bum nugget (can I say that?) to some kid who asked for his autograph.
    By kid I mean someone who looked about 14/15-ish, and he was getting a kick out of dissing the kid, telling him he was nothing, that he didn't have **** and just being an all 'round jerk.

    If I brought my 14:59 CD with me to our apartment with me, I'd be tempted to throw it out the window - and I'm on the 47th floor.
    Of course, I could get sued or at least fined for that, so I probably wouldn't, but it's enough for me to not like 'em anymore.
  4. Well, he said shamefuly, I've neither heard of the band nor the man. However, IMHO there's absolutely no reason for "stars" to act in this way albeit that it's been a regular feature of the music world for years.

    By contrast, we (the family) met ex Style Council and current Paul Weller drummer, Steve White, a couple of weeks ago. My lad (7) is quite an accomplished drummer and Steve posed for photos with him, signed him a "best wishes" and so on. Couldn't have been better and what a contrast to your situation, JP.

  5. mchildree

    mchildree Supporting Member

    Sep 4, 2000
    I'm not crazy about many of these "flavor of the moment" bands myself, but I can easily see what their motivation might be.

    Most musicians get into music, hoping to gain copious quantities of 2 things: money and attention from the opposite sex. Changing from a heavy rock format to pop-ish stuff will definitely increase both....temporarily.
    But then again, about 90% of the "rock" bands out there now are just as much "flash-in-the-pan" as the pop bands, and are in truth pop bands with distorted guitars and cookie monster vocals.

    Longevity seems to be a thing of the past, at least in the pop/rock world.
  6. that commercial was pretty hilarious, whether you like the band or not. oh no, those guys are so crazy and dangerous! color me intimidated!
  7. JP Bassman

    JP Bassman

    Jun 18, 2001
  8. JP Bassman

    JP Bassman

    Jun 18, 2001
    agreed. some of their stuff is "catchy" but ot go arounda parade yourself as a hard-rocker, not cool. I mean, technically you can present yourself anyway you want, but come on guys, you're a pop-rock band, act like it!
  9. JP Bassman

    JP Bassman

    Jun 18, 2001
    The guys an @$$.
  10. I'll second that. He sure looks like a poser.
  11. Intrepid


    Oct 15, 2001
    Actually most of all their songs are harder then there singles...and how exactly do you act like a pop-rock band if I may ask and how is changing music directions "selling out"...anybody think the bass player is pretty good...you can't hear him in the mix, but everytime I hear them live(Pro Bowl for example) he is loud as ****...sounds good...
  12. I agree. Especially about the selling out part. I mean, I used to listen to country music, but now I listen to hard rock. Does this mean I've sold out? No, tastes change, preferences change, playing styles change. GET OVER IT!
  13. Zirc


    May 13, 2001
    Los Angeles
    Yup, Sugar Ray used to be harder back in the day. Download Iron Mic or something from their earlier albums. Sold out big time.

    Bassist is decent though
  14. JP Bassman

    JP Bassman

    Jun 18, 2001
    The bassist is actaully pretty cool.

    As for selling out:
    If you change your musical style for the sole reason of making money and pushing albums, you've sold out. In my opinion that's waht they've done.
  15. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill

    Dec 30, 2001
    Boston MA
    Murphy (Bass player) is pretty cool, He plays an Ernie Ball , I dont know what he played in "Fly" , does anyone know?
  16. EString


    Nov 20, 2000
    Los Altos, CA
    He used to play a G&L.

    THAT makes him cool.

    His rig is pretty rad too.


    I wonder why he needs TWO Korg DTR-2s.


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