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Suggested compressor settings help!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Stephen Soto, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Stephen Soto

    Stephen Soto

    Oct 12, 2003
    I've had a dbx 266xl compressor/expander/gate for a little while, and i am looking again for some suggested settings. it would be nice if anyone had some for the expander/gate also. i want to make the compressor just make the louder notes decrease to a certain volume as soon as possible. i have a pretty aggressive fingerstyle, and switch from slap quit a bit, so whatever you can suggest.
  2. Here's how I set my 266XL:
    Daisychain both channels first!
    channel 1: all 7 knobs at 12 o'clock (overeasy on)
    channel 2: knob 1: 11 o'clock
    2: 12 o'clock
    3: 2 o'clock
    4: 5 o'clock
    5: 7 o'clock
    6: 11 o'clock
    7: 12 o'clock
    overeasy on.

    I followed the following directions:
    (they are for a different type comp., but I "translated" them)

    Daisy Chain both halves of the Stereo Compressor by patching channel one output into channel two input.

    Bass>Preamp>Channel 1 Input>Channel 1 Output>Channel 2 Input>Channel 2 Output>Amp

    Both Channels:
    Expander/Gate: SLOW
    Interactive: ON
    SC Filter: ON
    Auto: OFF
    I/O Meters set to: OUTPUT

    Channel 1:

    Expander Gate(both pots set to "12 noon
    Threshold: -35, Ratio 2.5, Release: Slow

    Threshold approx. -6.5 db,("12:30")


    Attack: 30 ms

    Release: A little faster then 1 second, i.e., 0.25. "9:30"

    Output: Boost +3db, ("2:00")

    Set Peak Limiter to where it barely flashes on your strongest open E slap.
    {suggestion @+12, "12:30"}

    O.K., these seem like reasonable compressor settings.
    The magic is in the second channel that maintains dynamics
    and raises the headroom thus making the amp louder.
    The trick is just "re-compressing" the peaks only.
    Therefore the noise floor does not go up and
    the remaining high energy peaks are tamed, not limited,
    for more headroom without over compressing the dynamic signal.

    Channel 2:

    Threshold: approx. +6.5 ("2:30")

    This Threshold setting allows Channel 1 to duck under this setting
    and therefore only the peaks are processed by Channel 2.

    Ratio: 6:1

    Attack: Fastest Setting (1 ms)

    Fast Attack times cause "click."
    This phenomenon is eliminated by the Attack setting on the Channel 1,
    and the Channel 2 Threshold also protects against click.
    A very fast Attack is necessary on Channel 2 in order to have the Peaks
    acted on a fast as possible, thus extending headroom.

    Release: A touch above 0.25 ms. ("10:30")

    Output: ("1:30")

    Peak Limiter: to taste...
    Or the slightest flash with the the hardest slap on open E
    {suggestion @ set at +16 }