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suggested growling high cab for fuzzy dual amping

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Shane.C.W., Apr 11, 2015.

  1. TB has long been a go to place for trust worthy opinions and gear reviews for me but I haven't found much on this subject in my searches.

    Here's the background:
    I love a thick, rich, growling bass tone but have no desire to lug 2 huge cabs around with my dual amping head. Just to clarify, I mean dual amping: manually adjusting 2 independent preamps through 2 speaker channels, not bi-amping 1 preamp with a crossover to 2 channels. My head: XLS 602 with Ampeg SVP-pro preamp eq'd for mids-lows and Blue Tube II guitar preamp eq'd mids to highs. The best tone I had was with an old SVT 810 running my fuzzed high side and an Ampeg reflex 2x15, loaded with EV sub speakers, running a tight bottom. I no longer have any desire to come close to achieving the db levels that rig was capable of and no desire to move a rig like that on weekends, so those cabs are history. I switched to a newer imported stereo 810 which sounded fine but still sucked to move, now to a stereo Mesa Roadready 2x15 as my primary cab; I still want smaller. The ev15l's in the Mesa seem tonally inconsistent to me in different rooms as well as that speaker having a very specific tonal "color" in the mids. I like it, but the sweet spot in the mids seems to move around a lot room to room. I could just be crazy though.

    The meat:
    I found a bottom cab I am very happy with providing boom and punch (Mesa PH210 400 watt 8ohm) but can't seem to find a good complimenting, growling, nontweeter 8ohm top cab that sounds warm and can handle lots of fuzz. I'm considering Rumble V3 115 & the svt112av, perhaps the rumble V3 410 but I want to avoid punch and boomy cabs I think; I typically roll off some lows on my high side so the P&B nature of a cab may not be that big of an issue... Idk.

    Basically comes down to not having the money to buy cab after cab. I'd like to try to get it right with as few purchases as possible, trying out in store cabs of similar nature is not a good representation of what they sound like after a week of tweaking on your rig. Everything sounds good in the store...

    Price point is $700 or lower.
    Sorry for the long post.

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