Suggested Pickups for a jaco sound

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  1. hello all this is my first post
    i am currently using a Mexican Fender Jazz V bass (five string, passive) i would like to purchase new pickups, im thinking of going seymour duncan, but id like to get that jaco sound, i really like the tone i get out of the Bridge pickup but i get alot of buzz whenever i dont roll bothpickups on, could someone suggest some pickups for me to use? i also like to use the high treble rock and roll sound also
  2. I have a set of Bartolini J's. I have the bass(fretless J) wired for volume, blend, tone. With the bridge on full and tone all the way up, it nails the jaco tone, plus it has roto's too. Yup Jaco tastic.
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    May 28, 2003
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    Jaco's sound isn't from a brand of pickups. His tone is a combination of the bridge pickup on a Fender and his fingers digging in by playing close to the bridge. There were no tricks from different brands of pickups. Jaco played a couple of different basses and always sounded the same.
    If you want to eliminate some of that single coil hum that occurs when you turn the bass pickup down, I recommend finding a pair of single coil sized humbuckers. Bartolini makes some and they rule.
  4. Tjek out: Fender Ri 1962 and Lindy Fralin jazz PUs