suggestions for 5 string high "C"

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  1. Set? I have a low B flat wound set on one bass, and a set of D'aD halfwounds on the other, so I'd like to keep the feel consistent. My sets have a .045 "G", but I could go down to a .040, if the tension is a but high. I am not opposed to rounds, as this will be more of a "solo" bass. Also, does anyone recall what strings Stanley Clark puts on his tenor bass?

    Thanks in advance..
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    Do not limit yourself to pre-packaged 5 string sets... There are not many companies that offer them...

    GHS, Fodera, and La Bella are basically it.

    Find a 4 string set you like and add an appropriate High-C string, if you are not sure the shop you choose to purchase from should be able to help you with that.

    D'Addario Half-Rounds are available in 4 string sets and they do also make a High-C string as well that is readily available.
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    circle k . . .
  4. Dean Markley as well.
  5. I am thinking of hand polishing my D'aD half wounds and adding an .030. I think Fender has a .030 flat, too. Thanks...
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    Dec 28, 2007

    Their new balanced tension sets sound perfect for this!
  7. I'm going to get a D-ad "C", and polish the set. I already have a set, so I'm good.

    thanks and "Geaux Saints". The way they are playing this season, I was thinking about reviving the "Ain't" paper bags....
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    Don't turn so fast. A lot of damage happened this season...
  9. Naw- I'm wit' dem, good or bad. Gonna put on some Wild Tchoupitoulas tracks and watch the game today...

    and order that C string....


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