Suggestions for Class D amp for Alembic F-2B Preamp

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  1. For years I was using a Crown DC300A Series II with my Alembic F-2B preamp. Recently I picked up a used Fender Rumble 150 head on Craigslist (for $60!) and became intrigued with a light Class D solution (my back and I aren't getting any younger). Although I find the Rumble a great amp for its size, weight, and cost, I'm missing the Alembic F-2B sound. Therefore, I'm thinking of pulling out the F-2B again but this time mating it with a small Class D amp module, something like a B&O IcePower module or a PowerSoft DigiMod module. I could probably fit it all in a 3U rack, or maybe even a 2U if I placed the Class D module behind the F-2B. Anyone do anything similiar? Any sources for IcePower or DigiMod modules other than eBay?
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    If you want a robust module with factory support for a DIY build Hypex is probably your best bet, IMHO.
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    If you like the sound of the Crown but you are concerned with weight and size, why not get another Crown, like an XLS series? Very light, powerful, and with the Alembic, it will fit in a 3U case.
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    If you haven't already, maybe try piping your preamp into the Fender effects return, assuming it has one. It might be good. It might be good enough for now, or it might not be what you're after at all.
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    If you have a budget:
    Bass Amplification
    The "minnie" 800 watt power amp should fit the bill.
    You might want to just look at one of the integrated heads for maximum practicality - the whole rack mount system may not be the best way to exploit the benefits of Class D IMHO.
  7. Thank you. I went ahead and gave it a try and I'm liking the sound of the F-2B into the power amp section of the Rumble 150. The Crown DC300 feels louder but the Rumble 150 is certainly usable, especially considering the weight savings.

    (The Rumble 150 is listed as 160 watts @ 4 Ohms in the User's Manual. The Crown DC300 is listed as 250 watts @ 4 Ohms per channel.)

    I'll probably keep an eye out on eBay for a higher wattage IcePower module and I'll swap that for the 50ASX2 that's currently in the Rumble 150. Then I can use the Rumble as a quick "grab and go" high-power head, but I can also pair it with the F-2B when I'm in the mood.
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  8. I'd like to know where the journey has you now? What amp have you settled on? What amps have you tried?
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    Me too!
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    I bought an F-2B earlier this year and paired it with my Crown XLS1502 and though I haven't gigged with the F-2B yet it does sound good in my practice room. I've been using the Crown with my F-1X for about 3 years and think they are a great mix for a lightweight solution.
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  11. Thanks! This is helpful. I have the F-2b and waiting on my 410 vertical from RevSound. I’ve been looking at the XLS 2502. I feel like the 1502 isn’t powerful enough.