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Suggestions please

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ga_edwards, Sep 7, 2002.

  1. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    I'm after a new fx gizmo, but has to fulfill certain requirements

    My system currently consists of my Warwick thumb going into a Behringer Autocom, into a Warwick CCL combo. I then have a Zoom BFX708 in the amps fx loop. The zoom os the weak link.

    I mainly use the zoom for chorus on some songs to thicken my sound, an EQ changes, eg for ballads, to hard rock, to country. I sometimes use the autowah, which os total cack, the defret, soon to be replaced with a real fretless, and occ reverb on extremely slow fretless tunes (think Pino on Paul Young's 'wherever I lay my hat').

    One thing that really annoys be with the zoom and many other fx units is the wall wart PSU. I'm fed up with not only having the fx loop leads running up front of the stage, but also an ext power cable to power the thing up, then loads of gaffa tape to stop me and the rest of the band tripping over it. (BTW I'm running it in the fx loop so I always have a constant level running into the amp from the autocom, so I don't have to constantly adjust levels, as the zooms patch level control ain't that useful. Most of the effect I use, other than the autowah and post preamp fx anyway).

    I really like the idea of the pod, j-station stuff etc, where I can have the main unit sitting on top of my amp, and have a passive/phantom powered floorboard out front, with just one cable. Only thing is, I wouldn't really use the amp models, except a home for recording, and the eq is part of the model. bybass the model, and you bybass the eq.

    I looked at rackmount mutilfx. Most of the ones in my price range (g-major's far too much), are only dual fx studio processors. They only allow up to 2 fx at once, one of which has to be reverb or delay. So no chorus and eq. They also, not being guitar fx, have no wah. But they can be controlled with midi foot controllers).

    I could always go for stompboxes. the boss dual pedal eq perhaps (tho I head the pedals don't scroll up and down thru patches, one is bank, and one is manual mode or something like that). A decent bass chorus and autowah/filter. But I would have cable everwhere again, and PSU's ( I don;t trust batteries on stage). I would also miss the xtra fx options, they sometimes come in handy.

    Or I could just say bollocks to it and get a GT6B and be done with it, and just live with the multiple cables on stage.

    So to sum up. something that can be used with a phatom powered floorboard. something that I can store different eq setting without them being part of an amp model. Good chorus and an autowah. Xtras would be nice (like delay and filters etc) but not necessary.

    It would be nice if it had a pretty meaty floorboard so I can compete with my bro's line6 board, and the other guitarist's VG88 & GR33, which takes up half the stage. Shiny and flashing lights are also good ;)

    So suggestions please


    Nearly forgot I've just got an SKB XRack 3U case for the Autocom (nice case actually). I'm definitely planning on getting a korg tuner for it, an poss an enhancer (BBE, or Behringer). So I may or may not have room for a rackmount jobby.
  2. Well, a while ago - before I got my GT-6B (yeah, I just said sod it......) I had a BOSS SE-70 and a Midi-Buddy floor switch. This setup worked OK.

    Nowadays, I think the equivalent is thr BOSS VF-1 I think it's called, and I'm sure that you can still get midi compatible floorboards!!!

    From my experience, don't get the POD!! I had a POD Pro, and the effects are very limiting - it's really an amp and speaker simulator! I traded mine in to get the GT-6B!
  3. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    cheers for the info.

    I've just spent some time talking to the guys in a local music shop (about an hour!) going over various options.
    GT6B - Almoat perfect, but no fx loop, so I can't run wah and drives in front of my amps pre-amp.
    VF1 - again, no fx loop
    POD - no loop
    POD Pro - fx not that versatile, and eq linked to amp models, which can't be bypassed.
    BP8 - no longer made
    BP200 - not very impressed with sound qualiy
    AX1B - discontinued
    Zoom - cack
    stompboxes - not cost effective, plus the EQ20's pedals don't operate the way you'd expect.
    There was also a boss full width guitar/bass rackmount, which has just been discontinued, but with a floorboard would cost more than a GT6B and a separate autowah pedal.

    I reckon I'm gonna get an autowah stompbox (AW3) and use with my BFX708 for the time being, then invest in the GT6B at a latter date. There's a couple of other bits I want to get more 'urgently' first... fretless and sonic maximiser.
  4. FWIW - I'm right with you, ga. I want something I can just plug my instrument cable into and run an outgoing cable from the board to the amp. I'm totally fed up with 9V adapters, wall warts, Boss-pissy adapters, power strips, and all the other nonsense, too......(jeez! is this really the 21st century???)

    This gizmo - http://www.analogman.com/pedaltrn.htm
    isn't the fanciest, but it's really all I need. Some real effects-nuts say it's the best.

    But, paying big money for these boards just seem nuts to me, so I took it to my electronics tech.

    Its design is so straightforward that instead of paying the manufacturer's price for it, I'm lining up a local electronics guy to make a clone of it. He says making one is a piece of cake and won't cost nearly as much as the factory-made board.
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    First of all, run the Zoom between the bass and the amp, not in the loop.
    That's where it belongs.
  6. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    I'll give that a go, but like I say, some fx just sound much better after the preamp. Just look at amp modellers, fx (except comp & wah) are always after the amp model. I'm essentially doing the same thing, just with a real amp.

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