Summer is approaching, and so are the cover band opportunities...

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  1. Crazy, or crazy smart? Interesting promotional opportunities, I guess, and just imagine the audience that might show up. Quite a bit of an "ick" factor in the entire thing, but it does make one wonder...

    How about a '70s porn movie music cover band?
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  2. Just make sure the wah pedal works! :laugh:

    Dang! I probably shouldn’t admit I know that...:cautious::rolleyes:

    Edit: didn’t read the ad first. I see he mentions wah several times. Oh well.
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    It's funny on paper, but probably wouldn't work as described. If they're planning on only doing instrumentals of soundtrack material nobody has heard, forget ever having an audience. If they added a singer and played 70s funk/soul/etc. hits with some of the soundtrack stuff added as interludes, then maybe? But at that point, they're just another cover band.
  5. Boomchickywowwow...

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    Complete waste of time, IMHO anyway. That stuff all sounds the same pretty quickly. Does anyone really think an audience is going to sit and listen to it for hours? :rollno:
  7. Sit? Listen? I must be doing it all wrong.
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    The lead singer should be dressed as a pizza delivery guy.
  9. Michael Bloomfield did soundtracks for Mitchell Brothers movies back in the '70's. Whatever pays the rent.
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    Funny, that's what I thought when I watched porn as a teenager. Five minutes of "Heh heh, this is pretty good", five minutes of "Uh huh, they're doin' it again", then five minutes thinking "I wonder if there's any football on?"
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    Most guys only watch it for two minutes anyway. :D
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  12. I thought the Red Hot Chili Peppers were basically a '70s porn cover band...
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    How you gonna' keep 'em down on the farm after they've seen Karl Hungus?
  14. Porn has music?