Sunburst Finishing workshop in Knoxville March 12

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    While not always the first choice for double bass work, there are a lot of useful methods that I use ever day in restoration, repair work, and all of my new builds that are applicable to the bass and the rest of the instrument spectrum, so I though folks around here would be interested and we don't get enough opportunities in this part of the country.

    The Knoxville area luthier's group will be hosting me for a sunburst finishing workshop on Sunday March 12 at the Woodcraft store classroom. They have a great group of fun people who have opened this one up to the general public and should be a lot of fun. You can contact the Woodcraft store for the details and I'll try to get a link to them later this week. This workshop will be similar to the workshop I gave in Tacoma, Washington a couple of years ago for the Guild of American Luthiers Conventionas featured on the cover and in a detailed article in American Lutherie magazine no. 125, spring 2016. Please contact the shop and not me direct as they are handling the logistics.

    From the course description:

    Handrubbed Sunburst Finishing Workshop

    A one day workshop on traditional methods of finishing instruments in a multicolored handrubbed sunburst. Taught by master luthier James Condino of Asheville, North Carolina, building and restoring instruments since 1980. James has been featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine, a regular columnist for Mandolin Magazine, American Lutherie Magazine, on video for Fine Woodworking and Dream Guitars, has been a featured speaker and workshop presenter For the Guild of American Luthiers conventions and The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisan's Symposium, has collaborated and published with the Metropolitain Museum of Art, The Heinze Museum, The Smithsonian, and has taught instrument building for the last 20 years in both private workshops and for four years at Oregon State University. In addition to the instrument work, he is an active musician in the Asheville area where you can catch his Django inspired band, The Gypsy Guitar Trio, the house band at the hipster brewery Ben's Tune Up every Saturday for the last four years- close to 200 shows!

    Here is the link for the video that Fine Woodworking shot several years ago:

    'Hope to see a few of you there and get in some laughter and play a few tunes...


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