For Sale/Trade Suncoast F2P Dual Tube, Dual Channel (ABY), Preamp - PRICE DROP

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    Time to start thinning the herd of great tube gear that's not getting played. This is a stellar tube preamp pedal that has tube goodness in spades. Can even get into a light breakup if you push it. Channel 1 is based on the Alembic F1X and Channel 2 is based on the 59 Bassman tone stack. You can use them independently or even combine. ABY for the win. It's in overall excellent condition.

    Read all about it direct from Suncoast. Save a bunch of cheddar and skip the build queue/wait and nab this one in time for the holidays.

    Price is insured/shipped in the CONUS PayPal F&F or Venmo (ping me for elsewhere) and includes a Triad 9v 1.3A adapter (that's 1300ma). This thing is dual tube. It needs power. You can, however, also power this pedal just fine using a CIOKS DC7 etc. w/the 3050 and 8800 adapter cables.

    The only trade interests right now are the following:
    • Broughton Sunray
    • Broughton Valve Champ
    • Moose Electronics Dobsky vB
    • Spaceman Mercury IV (first run w/Mercury III transistors)
    • Doc Lloyd Photon Death Ray (Vactrol)
    • Electrofoods Kerria Lacca
    • Electrofoods Oprichniki
    • Electrofoods Eye of Ra
    • Origin Effects Cali76 TX-GP
    • Aguilar DB728
    • Iron Ether Divaricator
    • SSBS Sparkle Motion
    • SNC Fantasmo
    • FMC Retrobass
    Some photos:

    Suncoast F2P 1.jpg Suncoast F2P 2.jpg Suncoast F2P 3.jpg
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    Oct 6, 2001
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