Sunday is my 4 year!

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  1. This sunday,not only is my birthday,my brother's friend's birthday,but also my 4 YEARS OF PLAYING BASS! My tastes have changed alot from then,Sum41 and Blink182 to Jaco,Matt Freeman,lots of reggae and ska,and plenty of Wooten. I still use my first bass,an Austin P-bass copy,and until last november,the Austin 15-watt amp that cam with it! Amp sucked,bass kicked bottom when I brought it to GC to find a new amp,sticking within my price range,I got the BX1200 from Behringer,and I guess I am one of the few who like it alot! To think for 2 years in a band,with a 15-watt,against first a 30-watt Crate,to a 45-watt tube Fender Deluxe. Simply amazing to me.
  2. Sunday is also my 17th birthday. We should celebrate together.:D
  3. i just celebrated 10 years of bass on the 20th. :D

    congrats and keep goin!