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    I picked up a used Sunn ( branded Fender) 1200s years ago as an alternative to my Sunn 300T but never gave it any real use. Just had my new and amazing amp tech clean and tweak it, and it sounds, as he says, "very percussive".
    Probably never going to need a 2-channel tube-pre 1200 watt amp with 4 speaker outputs and capable of running at 2 ohms at my advanced age. Thinking of selling here on TB, but not sure what to charge for this heavyweight SS/tube amp. Does 4-500 bucks seem right?

    I've been a supporting member for many years, so I don't think this post violates any TB rules.

    Jim B
  2. I sold one last year for $400 (CAD), but I bought it 4 years prior for $50 so it's hard to say. Some cities just seem to have a much higher demand for Sunn gear than others. That said, I wish I held on to it. It's a really versatile amp, and I'd especially value that 2ohm capability with my current cab config.

    Not really an answer for you Jim, but hopefully some of that helps.

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    Jan 19, 2015
    The late sunn branded fender gear is a tough one to nail down value wise. A few pieces like the reissue model t's go for a decent amount but still not near the green as the 70s versions. The fender-era 1200s, while a powerful and feature laden amp, doesnt really have much in common with the desirable to certain crowds solidstate amps from the sunndholm and hartzell eras. Best bet would be to check the purchase history on ebay and the web in general. Get a ballpark for what people are willing to pay. Id be surprised if it's within the range you mentioned but hey it's about the market not me.
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