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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any expearience with Sunn equipment,specifically their bass cabs.I have heard some good things about their amps(bass and guitar)but really not so much with regards to their line of cabinets.Just wondering how they stack up :D with other cabs in their price range is all.

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    Sunn is Fender. I don't know what that means, but I just thought I'd say it.
  3. Haha......:D

    Dang,I forgot to mention that I know Sunn is now a part of the big happy fender family(where nothing can go wro....wro....wro....)!I have read that they(Sunn)started out as a cottage industry up in Oregon and quickley gained a rep due to their quality,etc.

    Well....I do play a fender bass but have little expearience with their amps,other than playing thru my buddy`s 100watt combo for a bit.