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    Here is my Suntech P copy. Essentially it’s a Matsumoku factory P bass just like an Aria Pro II Precise or Tokai Hard Puncher. This one just has a Suntech logo on it. If you want to read more about the little bit of research available on the Suntech brand, you can check out this thread: Suntech Basses?

    In a nutshell, the Suntech brand comes from a small guitar shop in Kansas that ordered Japanese Fender copies and “Americanized” them to make them more marketable in America. They modded their instruments with a brass nut, “American made” DiMarzio pickups, and DiMarizio’s dual sound switch. Everything is original on this bass.

    This is a perfect example of the excellent build quality Japan was pushing out in the late 70’s. Everything is top notch on this bass and plays/sounds fantastic. Blindfolded, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in sound or feel from a Fender.

    Body: Alder? It’s not ash or sen due to the tight grain pattern. It’s not basswood because it’s a hard wood. I assume it’s alder.
    Neck: Maple neck and fingerboard. Frets are great. Excellent build quality. Truss Rod works
    Pickups: DiMarzio PAF
    Electronics: Volume, Tone, DiMarzio “dual sound” switch. Sounds like series/parallel to my ears.
    Tuners: Standard 70’s Japan
    Condition: Great. Couple of small dents or dings on the body. Neck has a very minor bit of wear on the edges.
    There is some damage to the pick guard under the tone knob. I would advise not removing the tone pot as it could break even more. I have taken the pick guard completely off before without issue.

    Here's a video:

    $300 + shipping
    IMG_9462.jpg IMG_9463.jpg IMG_9464.jpg IMG_9467.jpg IMG_9468.jpg IMG_9469.jpg IMG_9470.jpg IMG_9465.jpeg IMG_9466.jpeg IMG_9472.jpeg IMG_9473.jpeg
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    I would definitely raise the price

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    PM sent.
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    Killer. Want. Cannot justify though :(
  5. Sold! And you’re right, the price should’ve been higher. I’m just trying to get rid of it. For the record, I paid $500 from guitar center.

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