Super fat distorted synth bass?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Tuomas, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. Tuomas


    Mar 14, 2000
    Helsinki, Finland

    Recently, we've started playing versions of rap tunes as encores with our band. So this leaves me wondering, how could I produce that same, super-fat-almost-distortion-like-deep-grinding-synth bass that I hear so often in old Snoop Dogg songs?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Oh that's eazy.. that would be a fuzz-like sound.

    buy a Boss ODB-3, keep the trebble at 0, boost the bass a little, put the gain at middle and mix at max.

    should give you a nice fuzz if playing with active bass.. for passive bass.. push the gain a little further :)
  3. Fuzz is a great and often overlooked tool in simulating synth bass. You can cop wicked square-wave synthesiser tones easily (and in analog!) This box is terrific because of the gate...I use it for phat, hiphop bass alot.

  4. oddentity


    Nov 20, 2000
    That looks like a COOL pedal. Seems like there are lots of great effect pedals being made Down Under these days!
  5. Yeah,

    I use a very light distortion running into a gate with lots of bass, some highs and a flat midrange, when I play for hip-hop recordings. It's really hard to find a good gate that doesn't suck out your lows, studio gates like the Behringer intelligate work very well to get gated almost keyboard bass sounds. I recomend an envelope filter with a mix control too, that little bit of a cherp adds a really cool vintage synth feel.
  6. How big is that stomp box? It looks like a micro effect when you really look at it... Why do they keep making effects smaller? I always break the knobs when I try to bypass them.
  7. Nope, regular size. It is built like a TANK I might add. Richard at Chunk gives fabulaous on-line service, some of the best I've stumbled across really. His stuff is hand-built and I'd heartily recommend him. Check out that link for sound bytes and all. BF, you should check out that filter of his too...if you haven't already!
  8. I downloaded all the sound bytes for both the fuzz and the filter I like them both. The gate on the fuzz is a bit ofensive and lacked lows when crancked up but I'm sure the bass control comes in handy. The filter really clung to the bass' notes and had a really greasy corpulant sond, can't wait till I get my hands on both to test drive.

    How do they handle slap or staccato funk lines? In your opinion.
  9. His filter is easily the best I've heard....I think you know where my obsessions lie...That said, I found Richard's "down" mode for the Agent 00Funk seriously lacking. It ws waaay too sensitive to bass freq. over the mid-high ones. The sound was still exceedingly fat and wet. If you don't plan on using the down-mode I'd say slap that cash on the table; a better filter you will not find. The box is over-built (a good thing) but it just wasn't right for me. I ended up with an AC-powered Mutron and while lacking the flexibilty of many boxes does EXACTLY what I need for bass and damn well.

  10. try out a bassballs with the distortion switched on.