SOLD Superb SADOWSKY Satin-outstang rare color!

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    So, as you can see, this color is just spectacular.. And here are some specifics....

    MODEL Satin Series 4-24 Modern
    SERIAL #8183
    FINISH Satin ocean blue
    BODY Chambered alder
    WEIGHT 7.20
    NECK Maple with thin matte nitro finish
    FINGERBOARD Morado, 12″ radius, 1.5″ nut width
    HARDWARE Chrome
    PICKUPS Sadowsky soapbars in modern locations
    PREAMP Sadowsky preamp with vintage tone control
    PRICE $2,900

    The condition is a solid 9. I have been unable to locate any substantial marks or "dings" on the bass. Just a touch over 7 lbs. Tone for days. Cannot say enough about this instrument, and if I didn't own 22 basses (at last count) this would be staying with me!
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