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Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by TribalisticBass, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. Superbus- band hailing from France.
    Anybody heard of them?
    I just saw a video on TV. I liked the sound of the group, kinda sounded ska/reagae.
    If you've heard of them, does the rest of their music have that feel?
    Thanks for any replies. Hey, If you know anyone on TB from France, could you please have
    them reply to this thread(if they feel like it.) thanks.
  2. So after a while I decided nobody was going to answer this and guess what I was right.
    So I went and picked up the CD, and Now I'lll share my opinion.
    While in my opinion early No Doubt is more like Ska/Pop/Punk, these guys are more like Punk/Pop/Ska. I kinda like 'em, but wish I new what they were saying. Mostly in french, on the CD Aeromusical, there were three song in english, total of 11 tracks. So 8 of the song I don't know what there about. But, I also expected that, because the one video I saw was in french. I don't care I very rarely even listen to the lyrics, I llistento the vocals as just another musical line in the song.
    The bassist is pretty good, but not as good as Tony of No Doubt. IMO.
    My over all opinion of the group is "hey they're pretty good." I haven't thrown it out, or given it away, as I have other CD's in the past.
    If you speak french, you might acctually like more than I do.