For Sale Supercollider / noise box / other discontinued pedals!

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    CC21E255-8EC9-41F2-8D61-21E0B1FBFA86.jpeg 0C87A6FB-EF88-4BD6-A5D8-3D396119C2BF.jpeg A4D589C9-2F6F-4720-B80A-A1EBEB4758EE.jpeg 930F4FCF-3001-4D46-91BF-7D86F19967D5.jpeg 685AC063-F30F-4C74-8338-01D61003E1F5.jpeg 527BE175-750F-4CFF-A70F-9D4E5122FEBA.jpeg Hi all

    Have a few discontinued pedals that I no longer use, would rather someone use them wisely! Happy to ship it all for free.. pretty sure they all have Velcro on the back. Payment via PayPal

    Supercollider $100
    Bought 2010ish, has mids knob and side jacks, classic green mids tone with lots of options to still cut through for detuned bass

    Boneshaker $50
    Bought a year or so ago, bought the mbd1 and never really bothered wou it again, can get loads of tones with the eq but I wished it had a clean blend.

    Flying tomato fuzz $80
    Awesome gated fuzz that works well with passive and actives and very versatile, great little pedal!

    Noise box $75
    Hard to explain what this is but it’s basically a fuzz, with a filter, with a wide tone scope and a chaos knob that can make it lose the note and descend/ascend as it decays... can be musical or sheer laser gun from hell noises...

    Tz2 $50
    Classic super fuzz / ring modulator style fuzz, needs a clean blend to work but has some nice octave up fuzz sounds!

    Tentacle love super fuzz - bass edition $150
    Bought one of the limited TLSF fuzzes which is also a super fuzz, pretty awesome in that it has a scooped almost muff side and then a octave up crazy side. Clean blend works with both sides. Very lead tone but didn’t fit my band. Miscoloured knob is the same as when I bought it.
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