Superwound 707. Oh yeah.

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Tim de Martino, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. Found 3 packs of new Superwound 707 strings for Steinberger (double ball, no DIY ball end thingy) at a local pawnshop. 45 bucks the lot. Considering a set of D'addario double ball roundwounds can set you back a hundred bucks here in Oz, score!! My bass has a BG Stainless combo headpiece so I can use regular strings but they were cheaper even than normal strings, so....yay.

    Went down to pick them up (bought online before someone else snagged em), knew that I could get a refund if they were used or corroded. They were shiny and in great shape. Not bad for pre-1990 strings.

    Slapped them on the Steiny and they sound fabulous, play smooth too being flat/ground wound. Moral of the story is that I no longer believe the 'sealed in freshness' hype of new strings. As long as they are new and aren't corroded, they will be fine.
  2. That’s awesome! Pics!