SOLD Surf Green PJ Loaded Body (Fender, Bartolini)

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    Up for sale is this very cool and unique loaded PJ body. Fender body refinished in a nitro surf green. Bartolini PJ pickups (V/V/T). Fender bent bridge. Chrome knobs. Currently sporting a mint pickguard that really finishes off the vintage look. I'll offer it with your choice of pickguard (mint, white pearloid, parchment, or tort). I removed the knobs and overlaid the different guards to give you a better idea.

    As most nitro finishes do, this one has a few small dings/impressions here and there, but mostly in places that aren't very visible while playing. I think I photographed the entire bass, but I'm willing to add more pics if specifically requested.

    image3.jpeg image2.jpeg image4.jpeg image5.jpeg image6.jpeg image7.jpeg image8.jpeg image9.jpeg image10.jpeg image3.jpeg
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    Nice! The Helping Friendly Bass!
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    PM sent.