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  1. whats the formula???
    specially for F#sus. there isnt a number after it at all.......
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    Sep 23, 2000
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    no 3rd but a 4th from a major triad

    Fsus= F-G-A-A#-C-D-D#

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    Sep 23, 2000
    S.E. 323, 13
    you meant F#

  4. so is it a per4 or dimin4 aug4?
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    Sep 23, 2000
    S.E. 323, 13

    i'm still learning
  6. i guess thats why i have this HUGE book infront of me with the major triads bookmarked (funny huh?)

    btw- the a# is a perf4
  7. stephanie


    Nov 14, 2000
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    I believe that if there is no number after it most often means it is a suspended 4th.

    So, in F#sus it would actually be F#sus4. And, that would be F#-B-C#. A suspended 4th consists of your root (F#), perfect 5th (C#), and perfect 4th (B). The 4th replaces the 3rd in the chord. As you can see there is no 3rd.

    Hope this helps! (Hope this is correct! :eek: )

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    When you see "sus" in a chord it means put a 4th (Ex: F#, "B", C#) in the triad instead of the 3rd (Ex: F#, "A#", C#)(Alex Lifeson of Rush LIVES on these). Sometimes it will be written "sus4" (Ex: F#sus4) which is the same as "sus". Why you ask?: Because there also could be a "sus2" in the song (Ex: F#sus2 = F#, "G#", C# triad). Some people might want to call this a "9" chord (Ex: F#9) but then it has to have the 3rd and the 7th to be a true "9" chord (or just the 3rd to be an "add9" chord, Ex: F#add9).

    Hope This Helps.

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  13. thanks all of you!
    i always know where i can come to get answers on chords.
    anyways i had some confusion on that subject sunday because the keyboard play played a 2nd in there and i thought i had jacked it all up!
    But all in all it works!!!

    THanks again...

    Phat Basstard... i couldnt remember the quote word for word so thanks........

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