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SVP-BSP, equalizer and compressor question.

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Slayer bass, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. I own an Ampeg SVP-BSP pre amp, and I HATE the overdrive channel, I can’t get a good distortion from it, even if I combine the two channels I don’t like the result.
    I tried to sell it and buy a SVP-PRO, but I couldn’t find this unit where I live (São Paulo – Brazil), and I belive that I’m the only guy who owns a ampeg preamp around here, it was the only bass preamp on all the stores I have visited in my city, power amps (like SVT3, SVT2...) are easy to find.
    I own a T1951 equalizer and a MDX1400 compressor (both are behringer), and I use just one side of the compressor and one side of the equalizer (because I don’t use the overdrive channel).
    As I don’t use (and will never use) the overdrive channel, I’m planning to split the clean channel send (effects loop) in two signals, then plug it in the equalizer, and use the equalizer has a “crossover”, one side of the equalizer will send 20Hz – 300Hz and the other side will send 300Hz – 18KHz to the compressor, and I can apply different compression rates to the Low (20-300Hz) and High (300-18KHz).
    I will turn off the overdrive channel and use the return of this channel (effects loop) to connect the High (300-18KHz), and the return of the clean channel to connect the Low (20-300Hz), this way I wil be able to use the volume of the clean and the overdrive channel to mix them as I wish.
    I had this idea readind the manual of the Trace Elliot head AH500, it says:
    “The compression used in this range of amplifiers is Dual Band Compression, where the bass
    signal is split into its High Pass and Low Pass signals. Each is then compressed individually with
    attack and decay characteristics optimised to suit each part of the frequency spectrum. The signal
    is finally re-combined into a full range bass signal once again after compression has been
    This works far better than a single full range compressor for a bass guitar signal. The reason
    for this is simply that any kind of FULL RANGE compression used on bass is always an
    unacceptable compromise. If set to suit low frequencies it cannot act fast enough to catch the
    attack transients, and if the compressor is set fast enough to catch these transients then it
    distorts the low frequencies. If you have used any kind of full range compression then you will
    know what we mean.
    Control is provided over the degree of LOW COMPRESSION and HIGH COMPRESSION
    individually and the eventual mix of these two is controlled by the COMPRESSION BALANCE
    control giving further EQ possibilities.” Obs: the crossover point of Trace Elliot AH500 is 250Hz.

    Somebody use different compression to high and lows? is it really a good idea?

  2. lneal


    Apr 12, 2002
    Lee County, Alabama
    Yea, that overdrive channel is pretty awful. Kinda like scratching your nails down a chalkboard. Yuckkkkk.

    As far as using an EQ for a crossover, it can be done. I used one on the PA house system in a pinch once (the crossover died). The drawback is that because of the properties of the filters in the EQ, you will get a lot of phase shift because of the extremes to which you'll have to set the sliders. The best way to accomplish this is to just buy a crossover, connect the send of the clean side to the input of the x-over. Then take the low output of the x-over and run it into the compressor, then to the clean return. Take the high output of the x-over, send it to the other comp. channel, then send that to the return of the sh1tty, um, oops, I mean overdrive channel. Set the levels and give it a go.

    I fully agree that 2 band compression is the way to go for bass. My Trace GP12SMX preamp has it and it is great. Its the smoothest, most transparent compressor I've used. In fact, the best solution would be to try searching ebay for one of those Trace Elliot dual compressor pedals. They are smooth. I'll try to get the number of it.

    Hope that helps!! :cool:
  3. NV43345


    Apr 1, 2003
    I also use the trace elliot with the dual comp.
    i run a AH600SMX with the 4X10 & 1x15, it is the best comp i have ever used, i contacted trace
    tech dept and they faxed over some examples
    of different eq settings for different styles of playing
    and it shows where to set the dual comp. i could fax them to you if you want. As for distortion i run
    the boss MT-2 and you can dial in whatever you need. i like to run the effects in the signal chain
    i have had much better luck when it comes to getting a good sound with the distortion.

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