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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by JazzFusionB0rg, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. I'm an Aussie bassist looking to get the Ampeg sound (on the cheap). :hyper:

    With some good specials at the moment I'm getting a Crown poweramp that spits out ~1100W @ 4Ohms bridged with one of the above two preamps supplying the goodness... :bassist:

    ...The only question is which one#@! :confused:

    I've read every thread I could find on both of the above and find that there's quite a few people that prefer the CL over the PRO. I *am* after the classic SVT-CL sound, but notice that the CL has no effects loop support and lacks the 9-band EQ of the PRO. They cost me the same (so don't bother using price as a comparison) so can anyone help me out? Is it possible to get the CL sound using the PRO after some tweaking?

    Cheers all....

    Stealth Edit: Crown poweramp = 2 slots, Ampeg pre = 1 slot. Should I get a 3 slot rackcase or a 4 to let them 'breathe'? I have no plans to purchase anymore rack gear... :help:
  2. the SVP CL is the same circuit as used on the original SVT in the late 60's and early 70's, so thats why its the same

    The SVP Pro has the added do-da's that the Pro series amps have, i think you'd be better with the SVP CL to be honest, i think thats what you want
  3. you could probably get a close ish sound, but it wouldnt be the same, (different pre tube array)
  4. epoxo57


    Feb 17, 2005
    Perrysburg, Ohio

    What type of music? I have the SVP-Pro and really like its punch and versatility since I "funk it" one minute, "rock it" the next. It does have a Drive knob for overdrive that the CL does not. Now..there is some "hum" or whatever tube-breathing type sounds that many of the other posts you have read talk about. They say the SVT-CL does not have this. I have not replaced the tubes as many have tried, but I did replace the connecting cables from the preamp to the power amp (Carvin DCM600) and the noise is gone. Of course line interference could cause noise too when playing at other places.

    I guess all you can do is go play both and see what does it for you. Maybe try that Sansamp RBI that everyone raves about too...no tubes to mess with.

    Good luck!! :D
  5. r379


    Jul 28, 2004
    Dallas, Texas
    I've got the SVP Pro and am more than happy with it. Does it have a hiss to it? Yes, it does, but it's not loud enough to be a bother. You're not going to get either preamp to sound exactly like an old SVT since you'll be running them through a SS power amp and, IIRC, the SVP CL is only based on the old SVT's preamp because the tubes used in the old SVT preamp section are not the ones used in the CL.

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong about this stuff.
  6. ^^^ Thanks a bunch for the advice guys :)

    I think I'll go the SVP-CL.... It just means I'll have to run my effects before the preamp. :hyper:

    -> Should I get a 3 slot rackmount case, or a 4 to let the pre & poweramp 'breathe'??? :confused:
  7. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

    If your Crown has a fan it probably doesn't need the empty space, but check the owner's manual to make sure.

    Even if the Crown doesn't need a space, I think it's a good idea to get a four-space rack. Even if you never buy any more signal processing gear (a big 'if'), you might eventually get a power strip or rack tuner. Or perhaps you'll move up to a 2-space preamp or 3-space power amp.

    FWIW I sometimes keep 2 preamps and a power amp in my 4-space rack.
  8. el_Kabong


    Jul 11, 2005
    I'm in Oz and took a punt and imported a new SVT Classic head from the US (music123). Landed it cost me AU$2400 all up. I know that's not cheap but it feels like it when you compare to Oz prices. Those amps have a patchbay inside them and can be reconfigured for 240v, no parts (other than fuses) necessary. Great amp.
  9. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
    Central Illinois
    Just FYI, the SVPCL is not the same as the pre amp in the SVT-CL. There are some earlier threads on this if you want to do a search and get some more info. That being said, I love my SVPCL. I use it with a 2 space Yamaha power amp in my 4 space rack. I put a slotted metal plate in the top space for ventilation. The whole thing hardly gets warm during a 4 hour gig. I played a gig out doors in the heat a couple weeks ago and that is the first time I ever saw the fan in my power amp turn on (very slowly). Before that I didn't even realize it had a fan.
  10. If you ran it into a tube power amp section it would be hell of a close!