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SVT 1000

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by peasandpotatoes, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. i cant find any reviews of this head anywhere. anyone who has played/ owned it, can you tell me what you think? thanks :bassist:
  2. punkindrublic


    Dec 10, 2005
    It's a beautiful solid state amp! I have a svt 1000 and an svt 350 and i dont even need the 1000 half of the time.... Go for it.... I know you'll be happy....:bassist:
  3. bump
  4. cmon guys theres gotta be more than one person with experiences with this amp
  5. Cliff1908


    Jun 29, 2005
    Hello there,

    Well, the SVT 1000 is actually the head version of the Ampeg B4R Rack. Just like the SVT 350 is the head version of the Ampeg B2R rack. I own a B4R and it sounds really good, I boost it up with a SVP PRO Pré-amp and is is simply amazing. If you want a great solid state head, get the SVT 1000. You don't need to buy a rack in this case.
  6. I just bought one & it arrives tomorrow. As it stands I have a gig tomorrow & Sat so I'll post my thoughts on it. I asked about this head about 2 weeks ago & aside from one post all I got was the "Ampeg should be tube" response. I personally don't care for "the tube" sound so I figured I'd try it.
    Will post soon.:bassist:
  7. Lync

    Lync Supporting Member

    Apr 13, 2004
    Just like Cliff said, it is the same amp as the B4R (except in a classic-looking case) and some extra pounds.

    I was gassin' for a B4R about a year back and the amp sounded great IMO.
  8. Ok.....had it since Thursday.......did 2 gigs w/ it.
    I'm stil dialing in a sound BUT I like that I can get a great clean sound with highs & lows AND with a push of a button get that slight tube distortion. I know many say the Ampeg should "be a tube amp" but I'm not really into the classic sound (otherwise I would've bought a CL) but when I need a similar sound, it's there with the press of a button. I did a gig last night wher I played the Who's "The Real Me" and was commended on my sound on how my lows had the slight distortion while my highs were crisp & clean which is what I was totally looking for when choosing a new amp. Another plus is that it's about 20 lbs. lighter than the CL.
    It is really NOT a B4R in a classic case......it has much more to offer than that.
    I like it....it's my opinion, & I shelled out the grand to buy it....I'm happy with my purchase. I previously had owned an SVT4PRO and totally hated it & kinda put off ampeg for awhile because of it.......I'm glad I decided to give it a go again.
    BTW....did I mention it's LOUD? :D
  9. solidthump


    Jun 19, 2007
    I've got an Ampeg SVT 1000, running through a single 8-10 ampeg cab, with an active jazz 5-string. I've played through the svt 300 watt (in the 70's), an Acoustic 360, 370, Hartke,
    GK, all of em. If you don't feel like spending a chunk of change to re-tube the 300 watter every year, go for the 1000I've played every style of music there is and honestly, this thing gives you a serious bang for your buck. Since the head can only run to 4-ohms at the lowest, I run the preamp out to a Crown xs 900 bridged and put my second cab on that. Way, way too loud. Tonal quality is clean if you want it to be or dirty depending on how you set your tube emulation circuit.
    Crisp highs and structurally destroying lows. Have had hundreds of compliments on my sound. BUY ONE!
  10. solidthump


    Jun 19, 2007
    Forgot to mention...if you want the ampeg sound but not the price, check-out an Art SGX nightbass. I used that preamp with a Crown power amp for years and it was the closest that I got to the Ampeg sound...ever! I liked it because I could biamp my cabs, had a built in tuner and over 400 sounds like Sunn, Fender, Ampeg etc. Only problem with it, you had to watch your input clipping all the time and there were SO many choices, it was hard to stick with one sound. Still have the rig but went to the SVT1000 a couple of years ago.

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