For Sale SVT 3 Pro PRICE DROP-with SKB 3U Full- USA- '94/'95 -red and blue lettering

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    May 1, 2018
    People - please note - this is the coveted Red and Blue lettering SVT built in St. Louis that dates between late 93' and 95'
    These were built when ampeg had really hit their stride with this and other SVT models. It produces creamy almost soft spongy tube feel-that can be cranked to overdrive and slight distortion with all those tubes in there. (Sneaky trick for this amp- put volume at max and use the gain to augment sound quality variations- u can push it past the peak light indicator - that's the only worthless feature on this amp- cuz it unnecessarily scares u away from its versatility. This amp is a tank - and I treated her with the absolute upmost care. In '99 she got a new fan. In 2011- I had Detronics of Chicago fame completely re-solder the entire inside. In 2013 -
    I had 3rd coast (the equally famous Chicago electronics servicing company) Retube all 5 tubes. And I had them bypass the mute button because it was sucking on my tone and popping.
    I included the sticker on the back plate pic because my friend put that on the amp before he sold it to me -in '97 (as the sticker label reads). So the serial numbers ending with 98 on the back does not accurately put this being built in '98. Since I bought it in '97 from a friend.

    Please note the incredibly minimal amount of service she required. And now with all the solderings recently freshened up- she'll be good for 10 or more years of great sound before she'll prob need a little care again.

    2 month old and slightly scuffed but never left home SKB 3U full sized to handle this deeper amp length--INCLUDED

    I left the yellow tape on as an indicator of the shenanigans we go through in a studio trying to keep people from putting drinks on our amps. However, it's gritty tape-to keep a drink from moving whilst jammin -lol- I can easily remove it if someone doesn't enjoy the humor.

    Seriously - this amp defies age & she's the most beautiful of the 3's facades.
    Get her into a home of someone who cares please - and understands the difference - between all these models--before they corrupted the 3 pro's beauty, quality, and functionality.
    IMG_8736.JPG IMG_8737.JPG IMG_8743.JPG IMG_8740.JPG IMG_8749.JPG IMG_8751.JPG IMG_8747.JPG IMG_8746.JPG IMG_8744.JPG
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