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Svt-350h VS ashdown mag

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by callingltu, May 16, 2011.

  1. callingltu


    Jan 18, 2011
    Hi guys,

    So i have ashdown EB-180 (which is ashdown mag just with less power) and ashdown mag 410 cab. One my friend has suggested me to trade my ashdown eb-180 combo to his ampeg svt-350h head made in USA. What do you guys think? Personally i am happy with my ashdown cab and external 410 cabinet. But that ampeg also looks pretty nice offer. And i am a bit worried that my cab is 8oms and that ampeg head is 350w@ 4oms and 200w@8oms.

    What would you guys do? How reliable is that old svt? :)

    P.s. I was thinking of selling my combo and buying mag-300 head. That's why i made that title :)

  2. callingltu


    Jan 18, 2011
  3. callingltu


    Jan 18, 2011
  4. mazdah


    Jan 29, 2010
    Kalisz, Poland
    Well it's actually all about personal preferences.
    Me, I like Ampeg with my Precision, great Dunn, Jamerson, Waters vibe and I like Ashdown with my Jazz bass (Guy Pratts vibe:)
    Try to play them both before you make your decision:)
  5. callingltu


    Jan 18, 2011
    Yeah i know abotu personal taste.

    But it's more, what about the power of both of those, and reliability
  6. spaz21387


    Feb 25, 2008
    Portland oregon
    Im not really a fan of the solidstate ampegs. Id keep your ashdown even though its under powered... Is your cab a 4 or 8 ohm cab? since you are pairing it with with a combo im guessing its an 8 ohms. which means with that ampeg head you will be getting 20 watts more. Thats not even a noticable volume increase. Ampegs are usually reliable though but so are ashdowns so the decision is up to you.
  7. OK...here goes....I have played through several 350s and I even owned one for a short time.

    That having been said - I never liked them - the 350 that I owned I eventually sold to a buddy for a couple hundred bucks. They just didn't seem to have enough "get up and go" for me. :bawl:

    I normally play through either a SVT4Pro or a HSVT-CL so obviously, I am an Ampeg guy but the 350H just didn't do it for me. Nothing "wrong" with them per se, just not much power...

    Hope this helps! :)
  8. Barely Oakley

    Barely Oakley Banned

    May 10, 2011
    I actually use a SVT-350h with a SVT-15E and a 2x10 Cab when I have outdoors gigs and it is plenty loud enough, but if he uses a SVT4Pro he definitely wouldn't be satisfied because that is 1200 watts. I also love the sound I get out of it with my precision.
    YouTube - Terri Clark Poor Poor Pitiful Me Cover
    I've seen many 350h's for sale for about $300 so if the price is great, get it.
  9. JasonLamb


    Aug 17, 2007
    the svt 350 is a dog.....look for a used gk rb800 or go with the ashdown..

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