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  1. Tommorow I am playing a gig where this amp is provided along with some sort of Ampeg 810 (not sure which model exactly).
    This is the second time I will be playing this gig and the first time I was underwhelmed with the sound I could get out of it.

    I play in a ska/reggae band and generally like an uprightish tone.

    I've got to have some one else set it up because its a battle of the bands thing and I can't make the sound check...So having a suggestion of a sound for my friend to get (and most importantly the way to get it).

    Do I want to boost low mids on this rig or what?

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    Set the graphic EQ for reverse smiley so you get a mid hump. Then set the regular Ampeg tone controls for more conventional settings. Now you have two settings to pick from with the push of a button. If your bass has a robust EQ (like a Music Man), you have a third option.