SVT 6 Pro vs. Mesa 400+

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  1. Ok, now Im confused. I dont know if I want a Hybrid amp or an all tube. Tone/reliablility/etc...which is better. I have always G.A.S.ed for a 400+ so maybe its just popin up again. I Just feel if I am going to be shoveling out over 2 thousand for something it better sound nice...

    Can anyone compare the sounds? I'm looking for a heavy low end punch for drop D riffs. I also like the graphic EQ better than what the SVT 6 pro has, yet I love the ampeg.
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    Apr 3, 2005
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    Go try them out and you tell us... didn't you just get back from auditioning the SVT810E? You can try out either of those amps with that cabinet at pretty much any Guitar Center in the US.
  3. aha, here is my problem. I can try the SVT 6 pro no problem, but my guitar center NEVER carries 400+. I dont know why, but if they did I would try it out.
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    Apr 3, 2005
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    SOL, then. I'm sure you could find a 400+ somewhere within driving distance.

    When you ask a "versus" question, you are asking for people's personal opinions. The most important personal opinion is your own (unless you are getting paid).

    Since you're asking for personal opinions:

    I'd say neither, especially at the prices for those units new. Nothing against either amp, just not my style. Personally, putting anything on top of an Ampeg SVT810E other than a real Ampeg SVT (the CL) is a sin. Why bother lugging around that beast of a cabinet when you don't have the head that was intended to drive it?

    I had the classic set up for years: SVT (before they called it a CL) head with an SVT (before they had to call is an 810E) 8x10" cabinet. Great for that rock sound, but too much to move around.

    Again, the above is my personal opinion. Plenty of other folks use all kinds of amps with the SVT-810E.
  5. The Ampeg SVT CL is NOT as real SVT, stating they are is a sin :scowl:

    I'd say try the 400+, the all tube sound is soo much fuller, but the Mesa 400+ is more of a scooped sound, SVT's are more mid boosted :)
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    Too much hip thrust
    Ampeg is more plug and play. The 400+ will take a lot more getting used to, since the way the interface works is a little more complicated.

    I think you should be fine on punch with either setup, provided you have the right cabinets.

    You can probably find either of these heads on Ebay for a fraction of the price new. I got my Bass 400 off ebay.
  7. I really want to try out the mesa before I get anything. I dont know about the classic head because it doesnt seem as versatile as the others (my personal opinion dont jump on me). I would rather have a graphic eq or at least a few mid controls if I were to get anything. It makes the sound more....personal....I have never used ebay, so I dont know if I trust starting out using it with an $800 buy. lol.

    Does anyoen have info on the two. Is the mesa front to rear cooled or what. If I were to ever rackmount it (good possiblilty, actually a most likely option when I get a sansamp and a wireless and such) would there be a cooling problem?.
    Does the Mesa have a compressor or gain on it liek the SVT does?
    and...Which one is louder or has more power behind it?

    I couldnt find the answer to my questions anywhere so I ask teh people who used/own them.

    And how much is the Mesa? I know the SVT 6 Pro goes for abotu $1050 here in michigan.
  8. They are both 300 watt heads

    However, you might want to look into an ampeg SVT-II if you prefer the ampeg sound, it is also plug and play, but it has an EQ that can be controlled by a footswitch and has the standard ampeg 5-way mid selector :)
  9. I dunno what I want....I'm looking for somethign that sounds huge and that I can take on the road with me...I want somethign that will cut through and have a really good low end.....I think if I get tube it would probably be the mesa...From what I have learned recently, if everyone likes it, there is probably a reason why. I wonder how they would sound with a passive P bass and an ampeg 810 cab though (as I know I am getting that cab).
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    Apr 3, 2005
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    More advice:

    Don't judge an amp by its features, judge it by its sound and how you sound through it. A graphic equalizer does not necessarily mean something is "more flexible."

    You'd be very surprised about how much "flexibility" you can have in a preamplifier with just one control; gain.

    Also, you best tool in changing tones is your hands. You'd be surprised at how similar different amps can sound through the same cabinet; it is a matter of ease of use, at times.
  11. Ha, well even if I cant decide I'll be the smartest guy on the block when I'm done thanks to you guys. Wow I love this place. Well yea...Maybe the local place called Huber adn Breeze has a 400+ sitting there.
    I want to go try the classic soon. I guess Ill have to decide....
  12. If you are looking for low end (like a low B, or even a 4 string detuned to D), an Ampeg 810 is really not the way to go... That said, I think the 400+ is better than just about any Ampeg head today, but that may just be a personal prefrance. However, I also think that more comparable Ampeg heads are the 2-Pro, -II, and the origional SVT.
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    Aug 27, 2004
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    FWIW - I owned both a SVT6PRO and a Mesa mPulse 600. I kept trying to hear the difference between them.

    So - I plugged my bass into a BossGT-6B and bypassed all the effects.

    I sent the LEFT output into the Mesa - and the RIGHT output into the Ampeg. I set all controls to neutral and kept the gain at the same relative spot on both amps.

    I then recorded the direct outs (including pre/and eq stage) of each amp into descrete channels on my ProTools rig.

    Guess what?

    There was no discernable difference in tone.

    Now, when plugged into cabs there were more noticable differences.

    Into a AccuGroove Tri210L and my Aquilar GS112 I preferred the sound of the Mesa. It had a more natural sound to my ears.

    I also thought the EQ section of the Mesa was more versitile. So even though my mPulse 600 is over a year old - and the SVT6 was brand new - I kept the mPulse and sold the SVT6.

    Just my .02

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    Jul 11, 2005
    Well if you want to buy a new svt from ampeg that's what they sell. Kind of defines it as an svt don't you think? Just because you don't like them, so what?
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    Jan 17, 2002
    Not true. Same thing as one of those crap Music123 Tobias basses being called a REAL Tobias. They might have the same name, but that doesn't make them have the same quality or sound.
  16. What about the SVT 2 Pro then ? its the same essencially just with more dials and in a rackmountable case

    All of the pro series models are called "SVT"'s, yet that doesnt make them an SVT, as Fretless5verfan said, they are totally different, in quality, sound and construct
  17. Vintage SVT (and -II) = Awesome sounding
    SVT-CL = Sounds like an imitation of the true vintage SVT
  18. i would go either for the Mesa 400+ or the Svt Classic, once you use an all tube amp rarely you go back to Tube/solid state.
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    Apr 3, 2005
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    If your "you" means "me", you (meaning you, not me) would be wrong. ;)
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    Jan 17, 2002
    Same here. SS has its place with do Tubes. A marshall VBA 400, although INSANE in its own right, will never cut it for my prog band. Just not quick enough....doesn't mean i still won't own one to compliment my future Millenia/CA-9 rig ;)