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SVT-Cl, SVT-II, Pro and Non Pro

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by crazybassist601, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. What can you guys tell me about Ampeg all tube amps.

    I am specifically looking at buying used for around 800, and looking at

    SVT-II Pro

    Only thing steering me away from the classic is that I want it rackmountable. What is the difference in tone? Can they all run at 2 ohms?

    I Play heavier rock and hardcore/metalcore (and other "cores").

    I also play with a Fender P, looking to revamp my whole rig, starting with the head, and then getting a Bergantino 610, Bergantino 215. Also looking at getting a used Stingray 5 eventually, so these would have to give a clear sounding Low A (tuning ADADG).

  2. SVT-II is the nicest sounding in my opinion, you dont need all the extra's, i love mine, and i play hardcore . . . well, real hardcore, i dont think thats what you play :p (with the addition of metal core and such like :sick: )

    The SVT-II non pro sounds alot fuller, and just plain nicer, the CL and 2-Pro seem to be missing something to my ears, and they have too many dials, and pre gain is not needed! its the output tubes you want to drive not the pre tubes!

    Dont know what else i can say really, other than i highly recommend the SVT-II non-pro


    go on, you know its right ;)
  3. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

    In case you hadn't already heard: better move quickly on the Berg NV cabs because they're out of production. :( There was an NV610 here in the TB classifieds very recently. Good luck!
  4. Eric Cioe

    Eric Cioe

    Jun 4, 2001
    Missoula, MT
    Where are you from in Michigan? I'm from Muskegon (near Grand Rapids), but am in Chicago for school. I'd go to a show if you're near.

    Why the concern for rackmounting? With an SVT, you don't really need anything else to go along with it. ... But, for your sake, the guitar player in my band used a Marshall head with a shallow 4 space rack of signal stuff in it if that's your bag. Putting a 70 pound thing in a rack with other stuff pretty much means you'll need wheels.

    I'd keep an eye out for an old (maybe 80s) SVT head. They had all the tone of the II-nonpro in a nice cabinet.
  5. I will agree that i wouldnt get it for the sake of having something rackmountable, most of the time i dont see why you would want anything else rack mounted with an SVT, mine will only be in a 4U rack by itself, not just because of weight, but also because of the heat these things give off

    However, Originally the SVT-II non-pro came in its own wooden cabinet, mine never came with the one it would have had originally tho, but as you see here :


    If you can get one like that, then you are set :)
  6. I wanted rackmount because I was looking at a "just in case" senerio. I would like to invest in a cheap poweramp someday so I can have a "just in case" backup amp (and use it with my sansamp RBI).

    I dunno about the non pro.......ok...how much does it go for usually.
    I just havent heard anythign about them because they are not on ampegs site. But mr. Mohawk raves about it...so....ill check it out. If you have ANY information on it send it my way.

    (oh and by the way, i will compromise with you mohawk, we dont play real hardcore...we have hardcore "influences" :D

    P.S. By the way...That is EXACTLY how I EQ my amp (looking at the picture) with the svt classic. Exactly...your tone is probably around what am looking for. Have any recordings or anything i can hear you?

    Oh by the way, I live in Saint Clair Shores MI, which is a suburb of detroit...As of now we are on the extreme downlow and trying to get stuff written...we had one to many member changes, and got so confused we didnt know where we were oging for a while, but we know a full lineup and one of the best vocalists i have ever heard.
  7. I need to get some recordings with my amp, but i dont have a decent mic to do it with, my band is doing some recording later this week . . . maybe (we havent done anything since september, so, i doubt it'll happen), but if anything is recorded i'll be sure to let you hear it

    I think they usually go for $700ish in the US

    The amp isnt on the ampeg site because they stopped making them back in the early 90's and replaced it with the SVT-2-Pro, which is also a 300 watt rackmount head, but thats about all they share in common, they have completelly different pre sections

    If you wanted a rackmounted backup, just get a small rack with a single unit power amp and your RBI, sorted!

    Recently ive been running the EQ on the amp a bit closer to flat actually, i like to have more control with the active EQ's in my BTB and ATK, which are what i use more these days
  8. def. looking into one as of now... Thanks mohawk...Oh by the way...how does it do with the overdriven tube sound (since it has no gain)
  9. It does the overdriven tube sound right, all a gain control gives you is the ability to overdrive the pretubes, which isnt anywhere near as nice as the powertubes overdriving

    Wish i could hear the sound of those powertubes overdriving more often, you just need a fair bit of volume, and i cant get that loud very often, way too easy to overpower my guitarist (must be a rare thing!)
  10. Fuzzhead


    Sep 26, 2005
    Is that true? It's still on the Bergantino website. :eyebrow: