SVT-HD SkunkWorks Dave Ryan

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  1. Moosiclover81


    Feb 11, 2014
    Hi, I have a lead on a SVT-HD serial number 1007.

    I have done some research and believe that this was made by Dave Ryan, but it isn't an official part of the 500 SkunkWorks models.

    I found a forum on another site and a guy had an SVT-hd serial number 1112 with writing inside saying "tested and built by Dave ryan" SLM 500..... I believe the seller said that Dave Ryan has his writing inside as well, but we discussed a lot and I don't remember for sure.

    Is this serial HD-1007 a Dave Ryan post official "Skunkworks" bass amp?

    I read that they went to japanese MTI and that components were switched out, etc.

    I heard from the guy selling it that Dave Ryan and co. had parts around and built several more "skunkworks" type amps...

    What is the value of a great condition, recently gone through, working SVT-HD serial 1007 amp?

    What should i consider paying for it?
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    I thought the Skunkworks was the place the USAF reverse-engineered crashed UFOs. I guess Ampeg's skunkworks is where they reverse-engineer Behringers.