SVT II (non Pro) biasing procedure

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  1. I used to have the procedure, and can't find it. Can anyone email it to me ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Do you want the manual for it? i have it in pdf format

    I cant remember if it has the procedure or not in it tho, PM if you want it tho

    The biasing procedure is printed on the back of the chassis, well, it is on mine anyways :s
  3. murp


    Dec 13, 2005

    I was scouring the net for information on Ampeg SVT-IIs, and I saw this post from a few months back. Could you possibly email a copy of the manual to me? I'm about to re-tube my amp, and I'll need to re-bias it, plus I'd like to have it around anyways - I've always wondered what frequency points the mid knob controls... :D


    matt - [email protected]