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SVT II Pro problem

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Jacob Bartfield, May 18, 2002.

  1. I've been experiencing some problems with my Ampeg SVT II Pro. I'm not really sure if they're actual problems, however, or just quirks. Several times during gigs, my amp has just cut out on me seeminglt without warning. When I looked back at the amp, I noticed that the indicator light was flashing red and green. The amp was back to normal when I turned it off, and then turned it back on. I emailed Ampeg, and the guy told me to get another 8 ohm cabinet, so the amp would be stabilized. I got an Aguilar 112, and my sound was much improved, but the problem wasn't fixed. I realized that the peak light was flashing way more than it should have been, and that was the reason for the cutting out. I was told to turn up the gain until the light flickers only when I hit the string really hard. I was able to turn the gain up less than a quarter of the way before the light started flashing. Now I'm using the pad button, which allows me to turn up the gain farther. The downside is that it bassically cuts my volume in half. Is this what I have to do to prevent my amp from cutting out on me? Is this what the pad button is supposed to be used for? I have an active bass with active pickups. Does that have any impact? Thanks.
  2. I used to own the II-Pro. It's a great and versatile amp. I always played a passive bass thru it though. First of all, in general and as you mentioned, since your bass is "active" you should use the pad switch (there is no separate input jack for actives on the 2Pro, right?). Second, turn off the EQ. Next you should turn up the "master" at least a little (say 2 or 3) along with the bass, mid, and treble. Then, after all that, "dial-in" the gain to what you like and then fine-tune the master one more time to the loudness you prefer. Then turn-on the EQ (if you're gonna use it) and re-adjust the gain and master again accordingly. Going thru all of this is why I ditched the 2PRO and just got an old one with three knobs: Master, Bass, and Treble (but that's another story). Then make sure your not running the amp at less than 2ohms (in 2ohm mode) or 4ohms (in 4ohm mode). How many cabs are you running? What is there impedence? Do they match? Which mode is your amp in? What gauge speaker-cable are you using? If you do all this your amp should not cut-out. If it still does it needs to be "checked-out" by someone very qualified because something else is wrong with it. And one more thing in case you did not know or haven't already. Go to ampeg.com and download a manual. It's helpful.
  3. Using the pad seems to work fine, but like I said, it cuts my volume in half. It's like I'm using a 150 watt amp instead of a 300 watt amp. If an active bass must play through the amp with the pad on, does this mean an active bass can't play as loud as a passive one? Anyway, I have a passive bass as well, and it seems to be reacting exactly the same as my active one, although I haven't checked it out extensively.