SVT II with Questions!

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  1. Hello guru's. I am not sure Ive posted previously, but Ive been using this sight as a source for years. Thanks for the knowledge you all share!

    Quick intro/gear break down, Im Daniel and currently play in a doom/sludge/metal outfit. I have an St. Louis made SVT-CL, a Traynor YBA200 (back-up), a well worn, early 70's Ampeg 8x10 (with higher power handling eminence speakers), a custom Atlas 2x15, and I play an American Hot Rodded Precision Bass in Trans. Orange or one of two Peavey T-40s (a '79 natural with maple fret board or an '81 sunburst with rosewood fret board).

    I looked and an early SVT II Non-pro this morning (fixed power chord, no back grill) and after a lot of research here on old threads, i have learned there are a few issues with it.

    First the good: it works, it sounds nice, its in a nice case, and the power tubes appear to have been recently replaced.

    The bad:
    1. its missing the hum adjustment in the back. appears to have been disconnected and removed somewhere down the road.
    2. it is, apparently, missing the tube retainer bar.
    3. i understand there is a horizontally mounted fan in front of one of the transformers, but i heard no fan when the amp was on.
    4. its not great cosmetically but also not trashed.

    So, some questions:

    1. is the hum adjustment critical to setting up or using the amp correctly?
    2. can these tube retainers bars be bought or made (im pretty handy with metal) or can another style be retrofitted?
    3. were there models without fans? my poking around this forum leads me to believe that they all had fans.
    4. if the fans not working, can someone point me toward a replacement?

    I somewhat regret that I made him an offer much lower than his asking price with the contingency that the fan works (and we just didnt hear it), because i should have solicited your opinions first. well i guess we'll see how it plays out.
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    To get the subject right you are looking for a cost estimate?
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    I wouldn't lose any sleep if you miss out. You have an SVT already and this one sounds like a fixer upper.
  4. It sounds like this amp is in some disrepair and missing some parts so right off the bat , you're going to be spending more money on it as soon as you get it. If it has been this neglected there is also a pretty good chance IMO that it will need a re-tube and possibly a caps job. I've only played through an SVT 2 once but I didn't see where it sounded any different from my cl so unless it was crazy cheap , I'd pass on it all together.
  5. Thanks guys. Yeah i made him a reasonable offer considering condition. he declined, and re-listed it for a grand. Frankly, I was considering flagging him for trying to sell a non working amp for top dollar... but I emailed him instead, and he said he'd get the fan working before he sold it. Still not a 1000 dollar amp in my opinion.
    My CL has me a little worried. It smoked a new set of tubes the first year I owned it. The amp tech thinks he figured out why and explained a lot of stuff that was over my head, after replacing both preamp and power tubes. Its operated with monthly gigs and weekly practice for almost another year now, and i accidentally back-lined a metal show i played at a big venue (eyehategod put it to the test). the fan is making noise and it definitely gets hot as heck. i recorded with it a few weeks ago, and it was on for the majority of a 7 hour session... by the end of the day it smelled burn-y. it made it through the session and rehearsal last night, but im worried i have a problem. Its an SLM made version that i bought to replace an identical amp i owned previously... the old one was stolen. just worried about this one holding up. id have the tech run through it an sell it if i found another amp.
  6.'re willing to buy an amp that will have to go straight to the shop but you won't take the one you already own in?