SVT3-Pro and GK SBX question?

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  1. So I picked this Ampeg SVT3-Pro up a week or so ago...

    I have been playing it thru my GK 410 SBX Plus and GK 115 SBX, both 8ohm, both bi-ampable (set to full range for both tests), both with adjustable the question...

    With the horns in the cabs turned all the way down, the rig sounds great, but if I turn the horns up any, they have an overdriven "fuzzy" sound, regardless of volume or gain settings:confused:

    To verify the horns were OK, I hooked my GK700RBII (normal rig) back up using all the same cables and bass (stock Highway One P bass), and the horns were crystal clear:eyebrow:

    Now, when I tried out the Ampeg before I bought it, the cab I played thru did not have a horn in it, so I did not notice any problems then. And the tone/sound from my GK cabs with the horns off is not fuzzy or distorted at all. And I can't see the Ampeg just overdriving the horns, even at low volumes?

    I really like the tone I am getting with the horns off, but I guess I am just worried about an underlying problem:help:

  2. rovito


    Jun 26, 2005
    Mine does the same thing. I find it to be caused by a bit of preamp fuzz. I back off the the pre and boost the master and problem solved.
  3. Thanks, I'll give it a try, but right now I only am running the preamp (gain) at about 9o'clock position and the tube gain about 10o'clock
  4. Just an "update"...

    Went to GC today and gave two different SVT3-Pro's a shot and they both had the "fuzz" I was describing, so it is either in the settings I was using, or just the sound of the 3-Pro. So I now feel better about the one I picked up.

    The downside....I played and SVT-CL thru an 810E.....:cool:

    THAT, is the sound I am after...!!!

    Guess it's time to start saving up....